13.-14. Jan. 2020
AIRSPACE Progress Meeting
Max Planck Institut for Biogeochemistry, Jena

9.-12. Jan. 2019
On the margins of the HALO Topical Workshop on „Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Measurements during CoMet” at Hotel Wersal in Zakopane, Poland, an AIRSPACE Progress Meeting was held.

17.-18. October 2018
AIRSPACE Progress Meeting
At the Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen

12. June 2018
The CoMet mission was successfully completed! Between May 14 and June 12, HALO performed 9 scientific flights with a total of 65 flight hours.
During that time, the FUB  and DLR Cessna aircraft performed 9 and 12 flights, respectively, with the focus on the Upper Silesian Coal Basin where a variety of ground-based instruments were also deployed.  This is a great data set!

Aug. 2017
Test measurement campaign

First ground based remote sensing and mobile in-situ measurements took place in Upper Silesia and were supported by our Polish colleagues (AGH University)

5.-6. Apr. 2017
Kick-off Meeting
in Oberpfaffenhofen

1. Apr. 2017 
Official start
of the AIRSPACE project!

08. Mar 2017
In the course of a routinely performed maneuver during a test flight with DLR´s Gulfstream G550 (HALO) an anomaly was encountered. Due to this anomaly, HALO CoMet has to be shifted into 2018.

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