Overview of CCMVal simulations
in support of upcoming ozone and climate assessments

- CCMVal Example Headers and Reformatting Routine -

The output of all model runs will be collected in Climate and Forecast (CF) standard compliant netCDF format for any future CCMVal data requests. CCMVal will use a list of over 150 quantities, many of which have not been in the CF standard name table. The additional names needed for CCMVal have been defined and are now accepted. For the CF standard name table, please see To facilitate model analysis, all modeling groups are asked to provide model output in the agreed format.

This table provides example headers for all CCMVal Fields and a reformatting routine (program that convert an arbitrary netCDF file into a netCDF-file that is CF compliant and ensures that the submitted files follow the CCMVal naming convention). The example headers and reformatting tool below might still slightly change, depending on feedback we receive. Therefore, please visit this website again shortly before you convert your model output to the requested CCMVal naming convention.
  • The purpose of this reformatting tool is to convert an arbitrary netCDF file to a CF1.1 netCDF file, using the name convention of the CCMVal Data Request. Please use the reformatting routine to produce the output for BADC. zip-file avilable here.
  • Please see the CCMVal-2 Data request 2008 for additional information on the output names.
  • Contact for questions: Veronika Eyring and Irene Cionni.
CCMVal Field
Example Headers
T2Ms Monthly-mean 2-d atmosphere or land surface data (longitude, latitude, time:month) CCMVal2_REF-B1_CMAM_1_T2Ms_toz.header.txt
T3M Monthly-mean 3-d atmosphere data (longitude, latitude, pressure, time:month) CCMVal2_REF-B1_CMAM_1_T3M_zg.header.txt
T2Mz Monthly-mean zonal mean 2-d atmosphere or land surface data (latitude, pressure, time:month) CCMVal2_REF-B1_CMAM_1_T2Mz_zg.header.txt
T1Ms Monthly-mean 1-d atmosphere or land surface data on a certain pressure level (latitude, time:month) CCMVal2_REF-B1_CMAM_1_T1Ms_zg.header.txt
T2Ds Daily-mean 2-d atmosphere data (longitude, latitude, time:day) CCMVal2_REF-B1_CMAM_1_T2Ds_ta.header.txt
T3D Daily-mean 3-d atmosphere data (longitude, latitude, pressure, time:day) CCMVal2_REF-B1_CMAM_1_T3D_ta.header.txt
T2Dz Daily-mean zonal mean 2-d atmosphere data (latitude, pressure, time:day) CCMVal2_REF-B1_CMAM_1_T2Dz_ta.header.txt
T2Is Daily instantaneous 2-d atmosphere data for all years (longitude, latitude, time:day) CCMVal2_REF-B1_CMAM_1_T2Is_ta.header.txt
T3I Daily-instantaneous 3-d atmosphere data for selected years (longitude, latitude, model levels, time:day) CCMVal2_REF-B1_CMAM_1_T3I_ta.header.txt
T2Iz Daily instantaneous zonal mean 2-d atmosphere data for all years (latitude, pressure, time:day) CCMVal2_REF-B1_CMAM_1_T2Iz_ta.header.txt
T0I Daily instantaneous 1-d field for all years (time:day) CCMVal2_REF-B1_CMAM_1_T0I_psca_sh50.header.txt
T0As Annual-mean 0-d atmosphere or land surface data on a certain pressure level (latitude, time:year) CCMVal2_REF-B1_CMAM_1_T0As_toz.header.txt
TO2Ms Monthly-mean 2-d ocean or sea ice data (longitude, latitude, time:month) CCMVal2_REF-B1_CMAM_1_TO2Ms_tos.header.txt

Last modified: March 12, 2008
by Veronika Eyring

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