CCM Validation Activity for SPARC


Guidelines for CCMVal Collaborators

Model output from several CCMs is currently being stored in the CCMVal Archive at the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC) for the convenience and necessity of CCMVal activities conducted by investigators associated with the participating modeling groups. CCMVal and participating modeling groups are willing to allow investigators outside of the CCMVal community to have access to the Archive for the purposes of scientific research and furthering the goals of CCMVal. Those wishing to use the output from CCMVal model runs are requested to become formal "CCMVal Collaborators" and to accept the CCMVal Data Policy (download CCMVal Data Policy as pdf-file).

                1. Please sign and return this CCMVal Data Policy document (preferably per email) to Veronika Eyring

                2. For access to the CCMVal Archive at BADC, please follow the instructions given at 

Publication of model results and their interpretation in the scientific literature is encouraged.

Several data requests have been sent to the CCM community already, so the data you need for your analyses might already be in the CCMVal Archive. Please see CCMVal Data Requests for an overview of the data that have been collected.

A list of CCMVal Collaborators together with the planned analyses is available at List of CCMVal Contributions.

In case of question, please don't hesitate to ask.

Last modified:  25 February 2008
by Veronika Eyring

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