Aviation and Weather             (deutscher Text)

Weather is one of the most disruptive factors in aviation. It jeopardises the safety and economic efficiency of the entire air transportation sector. Moreover, the disturbance caused by any individual weather event depends on a complex network of non-meteorological factors. The continuing increase in global air traffic requires a rigorous in-vestigation of the impact of weather upon aviation, and the development of measures to confine that influence, especially in Europe and Germany.

The Working Group on Aviation and Weather ("Arbeitskreis Luftverkehr und Wetter") has been organised to address this need. It is the forum in Germany where all involved companies, organisations, associations, and institutes, from research, industry, and services act in partnership. In 2004, the Working Party published a Position Paper ("Statuspapier Luftverkehr und Wetter"). This document gives an overview of the impact of various weather factors on aviation and scrutinises the German situation in the inter-national context. A concrete need for research and development is evident

Institute of Atmospheric Physics of DLR