Welcome to the MEDUSA experiment!

On this website we will introduce you to the MEDUSA experiment. We are a group of students and graduates, who are planning an experiment to probing the lower ionosphere plasma. Therefore we are proud to be part of the REXUS 15/16 Campaign.

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Integration week completed - Campaign is getting closer

picture of Carsten, Heiner and Nils assembling the experiment.Carsten, Heiner and Nils are assembling the experiment.

Four of our team members went to Bremen to take part at the integration week at ZARM. Several tests have been performed. Therefor we had to assemble the whole experiment which you can see on the left picture. The fully assembled module was shacked in three dimensions (x,y, and z) with up to 12 g! We were afraid that the hatches will somewhat not withstand the vibrations, but all parts remain in place. The vibrations of the module were also measured by acceleration sensors as you can see in the picture below.

We also made full ejection tests and had some problems with cutting the cables for one hatch by the pyro cutter. We are currently working on a different cable routing to achieve a better cutting result. Roland is hardly working on the final electronics which are needed for the bench test week at the DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen.

We are excited about the next steps and are also planning on the campaign at Esrange. Stay tuned for the next exciting news from us!

picture of the experiment during the vibration tests with acceleration sensorsThe experiment during the vibration tests with acceleration sensors.

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