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Arctic Study of Aerosol, Clouds and Radiation

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Some errors in filenames for Falcon data corrected (internal area).


Disintegration of payload of the Polar 2 completed. Falcon arrived home in Oberpfaffenhofen at 16:30 LT. Refueling stop was again Kiruna.

With this, the field activities for ASTAR 2007 have ended according to schedule. Thanks for everyone involved!

The web site will be kept updated for news and results of data analysis. Campaign participants: If there are any data or quicklooks to share in the password restricted internal area, of photos for the gallery, please send them.


Falcon returned from Trondheim this morning from Trondheim at 02:15 local time. In the afternoon preparations at the aircraft for the ferry home tomorrow.

Polar 2 will do one last science flight today (lidar and cloud physics study). Dismounting of instruments will start in the afterrnoon.


No Polar 2 flight today because of bad local weather. Falcon started long distance flight to pollution plume west of the coast of Norway with two refueling stops planned (Trondheim, Tromsö). As of current status, the Falcon has arrived in Trondheim, but the mission has to be shortened significantly because of bad weather in Tromsö. The Falcon will therefore fly from Trondheim directly back to Longyearbyen.


Calipso flights this morning had to be cancelled because of local weather unsuitable for flying (too high wind with turbulence). Afternoon weather conditions improved. Two flights of Polar 2 today. Two flights of Falcon today (dirst cirrus mission, second clear-sky aerosol mission).


Day-off for the Polar 2 team today. The spare part for the Falcon did not arrive yet as transport of food for Longyearbyen was given priority over all other cargo for last night's commercial flight. Therefore no Falcon flight is possible today.

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ASTAR 2007 schedule


Falcon instrument integration in Oberpfaffenhofen.


Ferry flight of the Falcon from Oberpfaffenhofen to Longyearbyen via Kiruna (with measurements).
ETD EDMO 07:30 - ETA ENSQ 11:00
ETD ESNQ 12:00 - ETA ENSB 14:00 (all times in UT).

Start of instrument integration on Polar 2 (in Longyearbyen).


Time window for science flights of Falcon and Polar 2 from Longyearbyen.


Ferry home of the Falcon. Instrument disintegration on the Polar 2.

Welcome to the ASTAR 2007 homepage

The main focus of ASTAR (Arctic Study of Tropospheric Aerosols, Clouds and Radiation) is on the measurement of aerosol and cloud properties in the polar troposphere using research aircraft. The ASTAR 2007 campaign is a follow-up of two aircraft campaigns in the Arctic in 2000 and 2004. ASTAR 2007 is timed to capture the end of the Arctic Haze season where pollution events are expected to occur in the Arctic. Furthermore, the measurements in 2007 shall aid in the validation of satellite sensors, in particular of the Calipso lidar system.

With the inclusion of the DLR Falcon aircraft in ASTAR 2007, offering extended payload capabilities, the scope of ASTAR 2007 was extended to the investigation of pollution transport (particles and trace gases) in and out of the Arctic as well as Arctic halogen chemistry in the upper troposphere.

The ASTAR 2007 field campaign will be conducted from March 26 until April 17, 2007. Two research aircraft, the DLR Falcon and the AWI Do-228 (Polar 2), will operate during this period from the airport of Longyearbyen/Svalbard at 78 North.

ASTAR 2007 is a contribution to the POLARCAT program in the framework of the International Polar Year (IPY) 2007/8.

DLR Falcon

AWI Polar 2

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