EUCAARI LONG Range EXperiment at Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany

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DLR Falcon 20 (D-CMET)


SAFIRE Falcon 20 (F-GBTM)

EUCAARI-LONGREX is an aircraft field campaign to be conducted in May 2008 which is part of EUCAARI, the European integrated project on Aerosol Cloud Climate and Air Quality Interactions. LONGREX stands for "LONG Range EXperiment", because it is the aim of this experiment to measure the aerosol distribution over Europe by airborne in-situ and remote sensing measurements on a rather large scale.

Aerosol particles in the atmosphere have direct (radiation related) and indirect (cloud related) effects on climate. Accurate modeling of climate requires accurate knowledge on aerosol properties and processes changing these properties. This is what the EUCAARI project is about - with a geographical focus on Europe. The EUCAARI-LONGREX aircraft experiment shall provide data on how aerosol properties change over Europe as a consequence of a many processes: ageing of aerosol particles during transport; particle formation and condensation onto exisiting particles from precursor gases originating from pollution and natural sources; uptake of primary aerosols from pollution and natural sources; cloud processes; exchange between polluted boundary layer and clean free troposphere.

There is a second aircraft field experiment running also in May 2008 dedicated specifically to study aerosol-cloud interaction. This campaign has a more regional focus and will be mainly performed in the Netherlands. This field campaign is called EUCAARI-IMPACT. Further information can be found on the EUCAARI-IMPACT homepage.

During EUCAARI-LONGREX two extensively equipped research aircrafts, the DLR Falcon 20 and the FAAM BAe-146 will be operated out of the airport of Oberpfaffenhofen (EDMO) in southern Germany. The aircraft will mainly fly West-East and North-South transects across Europe in order to follow the evolution of aerosol properties during air mass transport over Europe. The experiment will be set up on continental scale by using Both aircrafts will operate from the airport at the DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany.

The measurement period is May 6 until May 23, 2008.

During the last week of the measurement period the French SAFIRE Falcon 20 will join the EUCAARI-LONGREX mission flights.

The EUCAARI-LONGREX field campaign will be linked with AMAPUV, a small project with 5 flight hours for the DLR Falcon funded within the EUFAR TA (Transnational Access) program.

Some of these pages are for internal use of campaign participants only and access is therefore password restricted. If you need access please contact Andreas Minikin or Thomas Hamburger. Contact details are listed here.

This web page is hosted at the Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre of DLR, the German Aerospace Center, in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. Contact Thomas Hamburger or Andreas Minikin if you have any suggestions for the web page. Contact details are listed here.


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Friday, 23-May-2008

EUCAARI-LONGREX is over! There remains one more DLR Falcon flight to be done tomorrow for the AMAPUV project. It was a good time - and it was a successful time. Thank you to all who have helped!

Latest news
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Sunday, 18-May-2008, 19:00
Campaign party!

No news recently, but many flights. Just not enough time to update the web site regularly. Sorry! Check the campaign calendar for further info!

Two successful mission flights of both aircraft, FAAM BAe-146 and DLR Falcon, today, with intensive measurements over North Sea and near Melpitz observatory in eastern Germany. Refueling stop of both aircraft was in Rotterdam.

FAAM BAe-146 (G-LUXE) arrived as planned at Oberpfaffenhofen today.

Test flight for instruments on the DLR Falcon successfully completed. See news page.

Integration of instruments into the DLR Falcon completed. Certification for the new instruments has been received. Test flight planned for Friday.

DLR press release issued on the planned EUCAARI flight activities (in German).

EUCAARI LONGREX 2008 schedule

25-April ... 30-April-2008
Integration DLR Falcon

Test flight DLR Falcon

Arrival FAAM BAe-146 in Oberpfaffenhofen

06-May ... 23-May-2008
Measurement period with flights of DLR Falcon and FAAM BAe-146

14-May ... 23-May-2008
French Falcon (based in Creil, France) to join DLR Falcon and FAAM BAe-146 missions