Damages in Switzerland

H. Huntrieser, H.-H. Schiesser, W. Schmid and S. Willemse (ETH, Zürich)

Hail Damages

The hail damage clusters are depicted in Figure 1. Each symbol represents a Swiss community, from which farmers reported hail damage. 584 communities (out of about 2400) were hit, that is the highest number since 26 August 1971 (708).

The overall hail damage in agriculture was estimated by 15 millions Swiss francs. But the worst single event, concerning the economical loss was storm A, damaging about 10'000 cars in Basel (worth of about 50 millions francs of repair costs).

Water Damages

Figure 2 displays a large swath of water damage, begining in the Central Switzerland and ending northeast of the Lake Zurich.

The flood areas correspond well to the total amount of precipitation measured during the passage of the Mesoscale Convective System.

All Kind Damages

Figure 3 exhibits the communities, which were mentioned in newspaper reports (all kind damage). Here, the main damage areas are best seen and correspond well to the radar echo tracks.

For the entire event a total economical loss of over 100 millions Swiss francs was estimated. 6 people died during the natural disaster, directly or indirectly affected by the storm.