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The digital Radar Network of the DWD

M. Jaeneke (Deutscher Wetterdienst)

The implementation of the digital radar network of the German Weather Sevice - DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst) started in late 1987. Since 1995 a number of ten operational digital radar stations cover the country including 4 Doppler radar systems.

a) EEC radar systems DWSR-88

Non-Doppler weather radar systems with RVP-6 signal processing unit are installed at

b) Gematronik Doppler radar systems METEOR 360 AC

They are installed at

Evaluation is taken within a range of 230 km and a height of 12 km. The measurements comprise volume scans with elevation angles between 37° and 0.5° and so-called precipitation scans with one low elevation angle, mainly for the quantitative evaluation of precipitation. Volume scans are repeated every 15 minutes, precipitation scans run in intervals of 5 minutes. The reflectivity values of the volume scans are converted into a cartesian data cube of 400 km x 400 km x 12 km with a spatial resolution of 1 km such forming the basis for most of the radar products. Besides local radar images (e.g. "PL-Images") composites ("PC-Images") are produced in hourly intervals covering Germany. Doppler images are radial velocity products.

"PL-Images" are the base product showing around any radar station those echos which are nearest to the ground. The horizontal resolution is 2 km. In addition the side projections of the maximum reflectivities are shown in the upper and right panels of the display. Vertical resolution is 1 km up to the maximum height of 12 km. Reflectivity is given in 6 intervals (see legend). Additionally various warning markers for strong showers and hail can be displayed (not shown on the provided pictures). Thresholds valid for the severe shower points are 40 dBZ in 6 km and 10 dBZ in 8 km. A hail warning is set if additionally 46 (47) dBZ and more are measured above the freezing level.

The composite-image ("PC-Image") is a combination of the PL- Images of the single radarstations. With a horizontal resolution of 4 km it depicts the synoptic situation over Germany. The color levels are the same as in the PL-images.

Archived radar images are available at Deutscher Wetterdienst, Kaiserleistr.42, 63067 Offenbach, Tel. 069/8062-0.

Radar Locations

Local Radar Images

Data from the DWD Radar network are available on this CDROM as image files in GIF-Format. Click on the station names in the table

Longitude Latitude Altitude
Hamburg Loop 10°00' E 53°38' N 011 m
Essen Loop 06°58' E 51°24' N 152 m
Frankfurt Loop 08°36' E 50°03' N 112 m
Berlin 13°24' E 52°28' N 048 m
München Loop 11°48' E 48°22' N 446 m
Hohenpeißenberg Loop 11°01' E 47°48' N 977 m

File names indicate the radar site and time of the scan.

The scan taken at 1437 UTC with the radar located at Hamburg is named ham1437.gif .

Hourly Composites


composed using the data from Hamburg, Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, München

1100 UTC 1200 UTC 1300 UTC
1400 UTC 1500 UTC 1600 UTC
1700 UTC 1800 UTC 1900 UTC
2000 UTC 2100 UTC 2200 UTC
2300 UTC 2400 UTC

Corresponding author's address:

Matthias Jaeneke,
Deutscher Wetterdienst,
Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 39,
63225 Langen,
email: jaeneke@wds.dwd.d400.de

DWD Radar

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