Filename conventions for ATSR-1/2 and AATSR

  • AATSR filenameconvention
  • ATSR-2 filename convention

  • AATSR Filename convention
    for the files as provided on DVDs from UK-PAK or UK-PAF (these filenames may be different when getting the AATSR data from the DLR-DFD-DIMS).
    General information about the general ENVISAT filename convention can be found in this

    EXAMPLE Filename:

    ATS_TOA_1P                                                                                                   Product ID
                           O                                                                                                 Processing stage flag
                              LRA                                                                                          originator ID: LRAC (where the data were processed)
                                      20040120                                                                         start day
                                                      _054621                                                           start time in UTC of the first DSR (Data Set Record)
                                                                     _0000476                                          duration in seconds
                                                                                     1                                        phase
                                                                                       2023                                cycle number within the mission phase
                                                                                               _00306                    relative orbit at the beginningof the product
                                                                                                           _09879        absolut orbit at the beginning of the product
                                                                                                                       _1686     counter (Numerical wrap-around counter for quick file identification)
                                                                                                                               .N1   Satellite ID (N1 = Envisat)

    ATSR-2 Filename convention
    for the files as provided by Simon Pinnock for testing purposes.
    Also Simon gave some infomation about his General information about the general ATSR filename convention can be found in this
    SADIST-2 v100 Products pages 10 and 34 pp.

    Filename convention am Beispiel der Daten des 23/03/2000
    (sieh dazu auch "SADIST-2 v100 Products" Manual Seiten 10, 34 ff)
    anrt-de-0003231312-26560-000323-2av321.gbt-tvlxc.C cloud clearing
    anrt-de-0003231312-26560-000323-2av321.gbt-tvlxc.Cf cloud clearing - forward view
    anrt-de-0003231312-26560-000323-2av321.gbt-tvlxc.H Header file
    anrt-de-0003231312-26560-000323-2av321.gbt-tvlxc.L latitude-longitude for each pixel
    anrt-de-0003231312-26560-000323-2av321.gbt-tvlxc.T thermal infrared channels
    anrt-de-0003231312-26560-000323-2av321.gbt-tvlxc.Tf thermal infrared channels - forward
    anrt-de-0003231312-26560-000323-2av321.gbt-tvlxc.V visible channels
    anrt-de-0003231312-26560-000323-2av321.gbt-tvlxc.Vf visible channels - forward view
    anrt-de-0003231312-26560-000323-2av321.gbt-tvlxc.X Pixel X/Y coordinate positions: records containing sub-pixel offsets
    anrt-de-0003231312-26560-000323-2av321.gbt-tvlxc.Xf dito: forward view

    anrt-de-                                                                                         Product ID
                   0003231312-                                                                 YYMMDDHHMM          aquisition date and time in UTC for the last ascending node crossing equator overpass
                                        26560-                                                       Distance in (km) from the last ascending node crossing over the equator
                                                                                                          which is 0-10000 and 30000-40000 for night, and 10000-30000 for day.
                                                     000323-                                        YYMMDD Product Generation Date
                                                                  2av321.gbt-tvlxc              other stuff

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