Contact points for the ATSR data processing

The listed persons are the contact points for the following parts of the data processing:

NamePhonee-mailInstituteContact point for...
Hermann Mannstein 2503 IPA ... Project Management for the CONTRAILS project,
... Contrail Detection Algorithm for ATSR/AATSR
Thilo Erbertseder 3665 DFD ... AATSR-Data within ENVISAT-Projects at DFD
(responsible for getting the AATSR-Data-DVDs at DFD into DIMS)
Karl Heinz Seitz 1141 DFD ... getting the AATSR-Data out of the DIMS-Archive (has installed a batch-client for this, which allows the linux-PC lx302 for gettting throught the firewall)
Rüdiger Büll 2584 IPA ... oversight of operational contrail detection processing for ATSR-2 and AATSR
ESA Order desk n.a. ESA ... ordering AATSR data on DVDs. Not necessary for the ATSR-2 data since we are getting these directly from RAL

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