Data processing and storrage for ATSR/AATSR

  • Data processing AATSR
  • Data processing ATSR-1/2

  • Data storage for ATSR/AATSR

  • Data processing tools and storrage for ENVISAT/AATSR

    General Remarks:
    The data processing of ENVISAT/AATSR is based on the tools available from the BEAM Toolbox (Basic ERS & Envisat (A)ATSR and Meris Toolbox.) The BEAM Toolbox provieds IDL and C routines to read the AATSR data. Currently the data processing is based on the IDL routines which are "wrapped" into c-shell scripts for running operationally. Besides this the BEAM software provides a java-based program "visat" which could be used to display and manipulate AATSR files in an interactive way.

  • fetch_and_pull.csh
  • as it isFor copying the AATSR data from DVDs to a directory of your choise. Please edit for your purpose.
    (Location /athome/atsr/shells)
  • ...
  • ......

    Data processing tools for ERS-2/ATSR-2

    General Remarks:
    The data processing of ERS-2/ATSR-2 is based on the IDL tools available from the ATSR-Homepage at RAL.

    ATSR/AATSR data storage for the processing in CONTRAILS

    The processing of the ATSR and AATSR data should be done on the linux PC lx302, but the data will be stored on a raid-system at lx313. The path to the home of the ATSR/AATSR data is


    where is split into a part for the /ATSR and /AATSR data.

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