Access to AATSR-data from DFD-DIMS via pl_patch Client

The Access to the ENVISAT-AATSR data from the DFD-DIMS archive is done via the batch client "pl_batch". A written documentation is handed out to Waldemar, Rüdiger and Luca and also available from Thilo Erbertseder (DFD Tel: 3665) or Karl-Heinz Seitz (DFD Tel: 1141).

The Program "pl_batch" handels the request for listings and data retrieval out of the DFD-DIMS and was installed from Karl-Heinz Seitz under der user account "atsr" on the lx001 linux-server in the directory /usr/local/pub/prgs/pl_batchclient/.


Please be aware, that the only computer where an access is possible is the lx302, since only this linux-PC was activated for transcend the DFD firewall and DFD wonderwall.

For listing and retrieval of AATSR data there is an example-shell available called "get_aatsr_from_DIMS.csh" in the directory /athome/atsr/DIMS_shells/. Please copy and edit the shell for your purposes accordingly.

Call of "pl_batch"
Call "/usr/local/pub/prgs/pl_batchclient/pl/pl_batch" on the system prompt of your linux console followed by DIMS specific commands for extraction of listed information or retrieval of data or use this in a script as provided in the example, see above. Examples of the specific DIMS commands could be found in the written documentation handed out. If you are logged in as "atsr" you can all "pl_batch" directly.

To list the available AATSR which are ingested in the DIMS type

> pl_batch -action list -item ENVISAT.AATSR.ATS_TOA_1P

More Documentation
Some more documentation about the DIMS Product library could be found here.

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