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24 November 2000
Print version of Final Report now available as DLR Research Report: DLR-FB-2000-28
240 pages, 144 fig., 20 tabs., 291 refs., 108.00 DM / 55.20 Euro
Orders: DLR, Bibliotheks- und Informationswesen, D-51170 Köln, Phone: +49 2203 601 3201, Fax: +49 2203 601 4747
16 February 2000
Draft versions of Final Report included on Publications page (accessible for Project participants only).
15 December 1999
Aircraft emission data corrected. Ground emissions inventory for 21 July 1998 added on data archive.
29 October 1999
Agenda of the upcoming EULINOX final meeting to be held in Oberpfaffenhofen 4-5 Nov 99.
13 October 1999
Link to air traffic emission data added to the Data page.
13 October 1999
The Final Meeting on EULINOX will be held at DLR-Oberpfaffenhofen on 4-5 November 1998.
06 February 1999
Link to Do228 and Falcon data on the flight data ftp server added to the Data page. Contact Heidi Huntrieser for access information.

Meteorological and chemical data merged in netCDF files are available on the eulinox data server.
21 December 1998
Minutes of the EULINOX workshop held in Oberpfaffenhofen 3-4 Dec 98 available on Meetings Page
26 November 1998
Agenda of the upcoming EULINOX workshop to be held in Oberpfaffenhofen 3-4 Dec 98.
22 October 1998
The link to the data files of the IPA weather station located on the institute's roof was inserted in the data archive page. The data can also be visualized online.
14 October 1998
The weather page was removed from the server.

A page refering the video, photo, and radar observations at Oberpfaffenhofen was added.
28 July 1998
The intense phase of the field campaign is finished. Radar and lightning observations will be continued until the end of August.
29 June 1998
Field campaign started.

The server maintains now a Status page with actual information on measuring systems, weather and flight mission planning
23 June 1998
Diary pages added to the EULINOX server with weather description and instrument status for each day
Frode's chemical prognoses can be accessed and plotted interactively via a nice interface for 2 model resolutions
22 June 1998
Peter provides now his daily model output plots and also a weather synopsis
4 June 1998
Data archive and weather page created, access for eulinox participants only (contact
27 May 1998
start of the EULINOX field experiment (low intensity phase) scheduled for 2 June with operation centre, background data collection (satellites, lightning location, radar composites, synop data
19 May 1998
Installation of the interferometer antennas finished at both sites

Calibration scheduled for the week 8 - 12 June 1998
30 April, 1998
Instruments page prepared.
08 April, 1998
Picture Archive added
02 April, 1998
Final decision on the location of the interferometer sites.

* Station WB is located at Wielenbach (11.15°E, 47.89°N)
* Station OSH is located at Oberschleissheim (11.57°E, 48.24°N)
10 March, 1998
EULINOX www-Server opened
January, 1998
Experiment plan changes: