MAP-meeting 2001, 14-16 May 2001

  •  Venue:             Kurzentrum SCHLIERSEE, Bavaria, Germany

  •  Arrival:             Sunday 13 May

  •  Conference:     Monday 14 - Wednesday 16 May

  •  Committees:    Thursday 17 - Friday 18 May

  • After a six year cycle through all Alpine countries the Annual Conference and Committee Meetings of the Mesoscale Alpine Programme (MAP) did return to Bavaria in May 2001. As before a balanced blend of selected oral presentations and well exposed poster presentations provided an up-to-date overview of the latest achievements within this truely international research activity.

    Schliersee is the name of a small lake, situated at the northern edge of the Bavarian Alps, and of the picturesque village at its northern shore. Kurzentrum Schliersee is a modest, though spacious conference centre directly at the lake shore, including a large lecture room, foyers for poster sessions, a restaurant (with a grand terrasse overlooking the lake), and a public swimming pool in an adjacent building. During the 1990ies this facility hosted four international 'Stratospheric Ozon Conferences', each with more than 300 participants ("Prost!" think two of them in 1997).

    Schliersee is situated about 25 km east of Bad Tölz (the venue of the first MAP-meeting in 1995) and some 60 km to the south of Munich, from where it can be easily reached by frequent trains services (about one hour journey). During the intermediate season of May accommodation was available in all categories from four-star-hotels to private guesthouses or holiday appartements.

    Three impressions: As in the years before the conference atmosphere was pittoresque, tranquil and flowerful; the chairmen of the IGP (Gutermann, left) and the newly formed MSC (Bougeault, right) overlooked the scene with sympathy; finally the programme chair (Hoinka, right) relaxed with a beer and listened to comments from Italy and Spain. Fotos courtesy of Agusti JANSA.

    Conference programme:

    Timetable, list of talks:       HTML-version  (for quick viewing; weaknesses in automatic layout)
                                             PDF-file   or   Postscript-file   (for  download  and  print)

    List of posters:                  HTML-version  (for quick viewing; weaknesses in automatic layout)
                                             PDF-file   or   Postscript-file   (for  download  and  print)

    The book of abstracts  can be  downloaded (700 kB)  as it was distributed in print at the MAP-meeting.
    A compilation of extended abstracts was prepared and distributed by MeteoSwiss as MAP-newsletter no. 15 by the end of June 2001.

    List of participants:          Updated list (Html-Format)  of the 145 participants (to download the respective doc-file click here)
    Group photograph:          Download pdf-file  (2 pages) with faces, numbered outlines and a name list of the 126 person crowd
                                             (hints concerning the 9 as yet unidentified persons are most welcome to   Hans.Volkert@dlr.de ).

    Local organisation:    DLR, Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre  and   Meteorologisches Institut, Universität München
                                Thomas BIRNER,   Klaus-Peter HOINKA,   Christian KEIL,   Hans VOLKERT (chair)    and    Günther ZÄNGL

    Programme committee:    Robert BENOIT (CAN),   Peter BINDER (CH),   Adrian BROAD (UK),   Andrea BUZZI (I),
                                Klaus-Peter HOINKA (D; chair),   Robert A. HOUZE (USA),   Evelyne RICHARD (F),   Ronald B. SMITH (USA),
                               Reinhold STEINACKER (A),   Tomaz VRHOVEC (SI)

    Links for further information:

        Maps:   overview (blue route from Munich airport south of Freising),  mesoscale (train line in grey), and   local surroundings

        Plans:   Schliersee centre  (perspective view from north; involves some 360 kB download of subfiles),
                    entire Schliersee area (self steerable system; in German; click box 'Übersicht' to start; then click a location on the map)

        Views:   from NOAA satellite:                      Alpine croissant powered with snow  (S: Schliersee;  MUC: Munich airport;  I:  Innsbruck)
                     from Schliersbergalm lift station:    in sunshine with lowering clouds with silver lake with spring snow most recent

    For further information please contact   Hans.Volkert@dlr.de                                                          (very final update: 13 July 2001)