MAP-workshop 2002,  24-26 Oct. 2002

  •  Venue:                  Hotel Kolbergarten, Bad Tölz, Germany



  •  Workshop:           Thu. 24, 14:00 - Fri. 25, 12:00 
  •  MSCommittee:    Fri. 25, 14:00 - Sat. 26, 12:00


    Three years after the field phase of the Mesoscale Alpine Programme (MAP) a dedicated two half-days workshop attempts to bridge the gap between the atmospheric scientists and experts in the field of societal impacts. This will be followed by the fourth session of the MAP Steering Committee (MSC).

    For this purpose we return to the picturesque spa-town of Bad Tölz where the river Isar crosses the north Alpine baseline. There the first MAP-meeting took place in 1995, and induced a large portion of what became known as 'MAP spirit'.

    Bad Tölz can be reached by frequent trains services from Munich city (0:50 h) and Munich airport (1:40 h; one change at München-Donnersbergerbrücke) . Accommodation for all registered participants is booked in Hotel Kolbergarten or the adjacent Posthotel Kolberbräu. Late comers are advised to address Margot STRÖTZ via email (kolbergartenbadtoelz@t-online.de), phone (+49-8041-78920) or fax (+49-8041-9069).

    This page assembles useful information for travelling to Bad Tölz and finding the hotel at the foot of the Kalvarienberg and close to the pedestrian area of the historic market street. Also included is the current programme (click here for a compact html-page, which allows a print-out onto one A4-page).

    Trains to Bad Tölz:     During the morning (e.g. on Thursday 24 Oct.)
    From Munich airport:           Postscript file  (two pages in A4)
    From Munich mainstation:   Postscript file  (two pages in A4)
    Note:  At the airport or any other station of the Munich S-Bahn network one can easily purchase tickets to Bad Tölz from machines:
                 Just enter the code number  1003  (remember Don Giovanni: ma in Hispania - mille e tre) and pay with 10 or 20 Euro notes;
                  ticket and change appear behind the window.

    For more details at other times visit      http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/en

    and enter 'München Flughafen Terminal' or 'München Hbf' as Start Station and 'Bad Tölz' as Destination.

    Late arrivers (Thu., 13:24) are advised to share a taxi from the stand at the station to the hotel.

    For further information please contact   Hans.Volkert@dlr.de                                                   (last update: 22 Oct 2002)