Programme  of   MAP-Societal Impact  Workshop   2002

Thursday,  24 October 2002          "The status quo"

14:00-14:10  Hans Volkert           Opening and organisational remarks
              (DLR, D)
Session 1: chair Hans Volkert       The Mesoscale Alpine Programme: a review
14:10-14:30  Philippe Bougeault     Presentation of MAP and objectives
              (Meteo France, F)      of societal impact (SI) workshop
14:30-14:50  Hans Hirter            The MAP data centre:
              (ETH Zurich, CH)       Its contents and rules of access
14:50-15:10  Evelyne Richard        The numerical modelling programme
              (Lab. d'Aerologie, F)  within MAP
15:10-15:30  Roberto Ranzi          The flood forecasting programme
              (Univ. Brescia, I)     within MAP

15:30-16:00  C o f f e e

Session 2: chair Philippe Bougeault The societal impact perspective
16:00-16:20  Leonard Smith and      Embracing probability forecasts on all
              Mark Roulston          scales: Formulation, communication, value
              (U. Oxford, UK)        and evaluation
16:20-16:40  Rebecca Morss          Understanding user needs and connecting
              (NCAR, USA)            them with weather research and forecasts
16:40-17:00  Eve Gruntfest          The social science of warnings
              (Univ. Colorado, USA)
17:00-17:20  Rita Hausmann          Floods and storms in the Alpine region:
              (MunichRe, D)          Their relevance for the re-insurance sector

17:20-18:00  All                    More questions to all speakers + discussion

19:00        A p e r i t i f  and   D i n n e r   at  Kolbergarten

Friday,  25 October 2002            "The future"

Session 3: chair Eve Gruntfest       Proposals
09:00-09:20  Philippe Bougeault     Strawman proposal: Decision
                                      making for Lago Maggiore operations
09:20-10:00  All                    Other proposals + discussion
10:00-10:30  All                    Objectives for MAP-SI programme?
                                     How to assemble a relevant community?

10:30-11:00  C o f f e e

Session 4: chair Philippe Bougeault  Further Steps
11:00-11:15  All                    Suitable venues for further interaction
11:15-11:30  All                    Funding issues and strategy towards EU
11:30-11:45  All                    Which patronage for a MAP-SI programme?
11:45-12:00  All                    Identification of next actions, key persons

12:00        A d j o u r n   and   L u n c h
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