27 - 28 November 1999

Neresheim, Germany

During this weekend Bernhard Forstner, Holger Fritsch, Bernd Goretzki, Jon Meis, Ronald Prodinger, Manfred Reinhardt and Hermann Trimmel met in the small town of Ohmenheim close to Neresheim and Aalen.

The following topics were discussed:

German version of the WMO Handbook
A first version of the handbook was available during the World Gliding Championships in Bayreuth.
It is aimed to present the german version in the internet. This allows for frequent updates. The final version will be distributed by the German Weather Service (DWD).

OSTIV Congress in Bayreuth
Only seven meteorological papers where presented this year. This was as less as never before. More speakers should be motivated for the next congress in South-Africa 2001.

The Mountain Wave Project was initiated by members of the Meteorological panel.

One of the research objectives the Mesoscale Alpine Programme (MAP) are foehn waves. During one of the events, observed during the special observation period (SOP), several gliders where flying. B. Forstner and R. Prodinger (Univ. of Wien) will work on the evaluation of logger data from glider flights

Future activities of the Met. Panel
The operational use of high resolution numerical weather forecasting models are a challenge for soaring meteorology. The verification of the forecasts can be done by evaluating the data from glider flight loggers.

Task setting at contests
Present task settings at contests do not allow the pilots to make meteorologicaly based decisions. To increase the "meteorological skill" a new task philosophies are required. This also would increase the interest in soaring meteorology (and the Met. panel).
For example: the task setters define only the number of turning points; the points itself are left to the pilot; the longest flown distance is the winner, plus a bonus for all flights coming home.

Spring meeting - Training seminar
Nothing planed for 2000.

Fall meeting - Workshop
Will be allways at the last weekend of November. In the year 2000 again in Neresheim.

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