XXV OSTIV Congress

3 - 11 July 1997

Saint Auban sur Durance, France

Papers presented within the Meteorology Session

2.1     Convection
2.1.1Instability indices for atmospheric convection
Aslan, Zafer, Artvin, Turkey, Tokgozlu, A., Isparta, Turkey
2.1.2Mesoscale convergence and cumulus convection
Hamann, Krzysztof E., Warsaw, Poland
2.1.3The ascent of a vortex ring under compressibility and bouyancy
Stuff, Roland, Goettingen, Germany
2.1.4Anomalous variometer readings in strongly tilted thermals
West, Julian, Muenchen, Germany
2.1.5Symmetric instability in some cases of cloud bands in Argentina
Schwarzkopf, M.L., Rosso ,L.C., Mueller, G.V., Buenos Aires, Argentina
2.2Waves and rotors
2.2.1Lee waves over Europe
Eckhart, Matthias, Berlin, Germany
2.3.1Soaring in South Africa : The magic of the trough line
Fischer, Helmuth H., Johannisburg, South Africa
2.3.2A new approach to the climatology of convective activity
Liechti, Olivier, Benken, Switzerland, Lorenzen, Erland, Offenbach, Germany
2.3.3A probe of soaring a straight distance of 2000 km
Kaihe, Li, Anyang, China
2.3.4Thermal infrared temperatures and vertical heat flux measured by a powered sailplane
Lindemann, Carsten, Berlin, Germany
2.3.5Requirements, developments and trends for General Aviation forecasts in Germany
Leykauf, Herbert, Offenbach, Germany
2.4.1Future aspects of meteorological support for competition flights
Heise, Rene, Berlin, Germany
2.4.2PC_met - New Application for soaring forecasting.
Lorenzen, Erland, Offenbach, Germany
2.4.3Synergy as a powerful integrated tool for gliding meteorology
Benichou, Patrick, Santourette, Patrick, Toulouse, France
2.5.1From the atmospheric boundary layer into the stratosphere - the story of the Airborne Atmospheric Research Group at Flinders University
Hacker, Joerg, Adelaide, Australia
2.5.2Soaring weather at the top of the world
Hindman, Edward (Ward), New York, USA
2.5.3Scientific soaring adventures
Kuettner, Joachim P., Boulder, USA
2.5.4Nowcasting of hazards
Wehry, Werner, Berlin, Germany

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