XXX OSTIV Congress

July 28 - August 6, 2010

Szeged, Hungary


The full program of the OSTIV Congress can be found here.


OSTIV Diploma

The OSTIV Diploma was awarded to Jörg Dummann for his presentation at the XXIX OSTIV Congress in Lüsse. OSTIV Diploma

OSTIV Special Prize

A OSTIV Special Prize was awarded Dr. Olivier Liechti for for leading a team of experts and making significant contributions to the World Meteorological Organization / OSTIV publication Weather Forecasting for Soaring Flight WMO Technical Note No. 203. Special OSTIV Prize

Papers presented within the Scientific Session

N. Zhang, A. Hunter, R. Millane, E. Enevoldson, J. Murray Measuring 3D wind fields in mountain waves using sailplane flight data Presentation (0.5 MByte)
P. Zoltán Non-mesocyclone Tornadoes in Hungary Presentation (2.8 MByte)
R. Baardman Cumulus Humilis: Wireless Mesh- networking for Gliders Presentation (0.7 MByte)
A. Fövenyi Making Thermal Activity Forecast at the Hungarian Meteorological Service. Presentation (3.5 MByte)
K. Kollath Indirect effect of Saharan dust aerosols on high level clouds- not well represented cirrus shields which may ruin thermal activity Presentation (5.9 MByte)
J. Gedeon, S. Dora State of the Natural parameter method for Chaotic Data Analysis and Modeling Presentation (0.7 MByte)
A. Tokgozlu Z. Aslan Applications of statistical models and artificial neural networks (ANN) to define onset and organization of thermals Presentation (0.4 MByte)
G. Sachs, J. Traugott, F. Holzapfel Flight Recording of Dynamic Soaring in Albatrosses Using Miniaturized GPS Logers  

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