August 9 - 15, 2012

Uvalde, TX, USA


The full program of the OSTIV Congress can be found at


OSTIV Diploma

The OSTIV Diploma was awarded to Francois Ragot for his paper, "Total Energy" (Technical Soaring, 2012, Vol. 36, No. 1)

OSTIV Diploma for the best meteorological paper

The OSTIV Diploma for the best meteorological paper was awarded to Dr. Olivier Liechti, "Regionalized Predictions of Aligned Updrafts and their Tuning for Planning Soaring Flights" (Technical Soaring, 2010, Vol. 34, No. 4)

Papers presented within the Scientific Session

Summary by E. Hindman
E. Hindman, S. Saleeby, O. Liechti Improving an atmospheric numerical model using meteorological and glider flight recorder data
E. Hindman An on-line meteorological self-briefing system for glider pilots
R. Heise, J.M. Hacker, K. Ohlmann OSTIV's Mountain Wave Project (MWP) - past, present and future research of the rotor-wave system through airborne measurements and outstanding glider flights
J. Dummann Proposal for an extended didactic Approach to a coherent Understanding of Atmospheric Gravity Waves for Glider Pilots
Z. Aslan, A. Tokgozlu Small, Meso and Large Scale Factors on Stability Parameters
E. Aydin÷z, M. Kadioglu Application and Evaluation of TOPTHERM model

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