Meteorology and Soaring

A course by M. Mioche

The meteorology course with animations for pilots was made in St Auban by M. Mioche, instructor, and the meteorological commission of FFVV, the french federation.

Available in French and German.

Le version français
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Chapitre 14.4 MByte
Chapitre 24.4 MByte
Chapitre 32.5 MByte
Références1958 kByte

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Die deutsche Version
Liesmich4.5 MByte
Inhaltsverzeichnis0.3 MByte
Vorwort0.2 MByte
Kapitel 15.0 MByte
Kapitel 22.7 MByte
Kapitel 37.1 MByte
Literatur0.9 MByte
CD Hülle0.2 MByte
CD Hülle innen0.02 MByte

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