Soaring flights during the MAP-SOP

Coordinated by Dr. Hermann Trimmel

Among other topics, lee waves will be studied in detail by aircrafts, ground sensors and remote sensing with radars, lidars and satellites during the special observation period (SOP: 7 Sept. 99 until 15 Nov. 99) of the Mesoscale Alpine Programme (MAP).

Measurements with logger-equiped gliders can provide valuable additional scientific measurements. All GPS-loggers provide the vertical velocity along the flight path. Additional (potential) temperature and the horizontal wind vector can be recorded by some systems. This allows for a detailed investigation of the flow in the wave region.

The evaluation of a flight by Hermann Trimmel during the seminar in Serres (1998) shows promising results.

Have a look to the Diploma Thesis by Bernhard Forster (in german) at

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