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OSTIV 2015 Meteorological Panel (Nov. 2014)
The 2015 workshop of the OSTIV Meteorological Panel will be held 6 - 7 February 2015 at ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland).

Prof. Zafer Aslan is new chair of the meteorological panel (August 2012)
Being the Chairman of the meteorological panel for more than 20 years, Dr. Hermann Trimmel did hand over the leadership to Prof. Zafer Aslan. Zafer Aslan is also the chair of the OSTIV Scientific Section.
Welcome by Zafer Aslan

Award for the Mountain Wave Project (November 2011)
The Mountain Wave Project received the Outreach & Communication Award of the European Meteorological Society (EMS) at the 10th European Conference on Applications of Meteorology.
More about the award, photo gallery

In memoriam Joachim Kuettner (February 2011)
On February 24, 2011, we lost our friend Dr. Joachim Kuettner at the age of 101 years. His live was dedicated to atmospheric science and gliding since his first glider flights in 1931. At the age of 100 years he still supported the OSTIV Mountain Wave Project with valuable hints.
read more (from
Obituary in Segelfliegen International Magazin

Award Ceremony for a Renaissance Man (May 2010)
Dr. Joachim Kuettner, german glider pilot and record holder, 100 years old, former head of Mercury Project and scientific leader of Sierra Wave Project has been awarded the Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany on May 4th. The ceremony was be held in the National Center of Atmosperic Research in Boulder (USA) and was supervised by the lecture "On the Wings of Wave Research" of the Mountain Wave Project members René Heise and Klaus Ohlmann. An including report about the trial in january 2010 to fly about 2.500km in a straight distance to win the 2.500km OSTIV Kuettner Prize was an example of the contemporary visions of Joachim Kuettner.

New WMO Technical Note No 203 "Weather forecasting for soaring flight" (August 2009)
The third edition of the WMO Technical Note "Weather forecasting for soaring flight" is now available. It was prepared by members of the Meteorological Panel and gives significant changes compared to the previous edition.
More information are available here -> Projects of the Met. Panel

WindMap started (Dec. 2007)
WindMap is the new development from Beda Sigrist. After the successful launch of TherMap the new development is a great help to locate slope wind regions in the Alps, the Apennine, and the Pyrenees. All maps and downloads (also for TherMap) are available from:

OSTIV-Award "Dr. Joachim Kuettner-2500km-Price and Trophy" (updated Oct. 2004)
The award is given for the first 2500km straight line distance soaring flight: the PRICE is given only once to the sailplane pilot(s) who first accomplish(es) a stright-line distance flight soaring 2500 km or more. The flight must fullfill the regulations of the FAI Sporting Code "Geneal Section" and "Section 3, Gliders, Class D and DM" in the newest edition. No differences will be made between classes of gliders.

Klaus Ohlmann did the 2000 km (Nov. 2003)
Klaus Ohlmann flew the longest flight in a straight line (2138 km) on Nov. 23, 2003 from Lago Argentino to St. Juan. This is the first claim for the Kuettner 2000km Price and Trophy.

Record flights above the Andes (Jan. 2003)
During the Mountain Wave Project expedition several world records were flown by members of the Meteorological Panel.
On 21 Jan. 2003 Klaus Ohlmann flew the longest glider flight ever: 3000.8 km.
See for more details, or read the Aerokurier article (sorry, in german only).

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