Welcome to the Meteorological Panel


The VISION of the Meteorological Panel is the worldwide exchange of ideas in the field of meteorology as a contribution to the development of airsports: gliding, hanggliding, paragliding and ballooning.

The MISSION of the Meteorological Panel is to bring together and coordinate the people and necessary elements to create a forum for education and development.

The STRUCTURE of the Meteorological Panel is designed to offer support and networking opportunities to meteorologists, pilots and other people, who are interested in meteorology for airsports, such as:

  • contact to members of this group;
  • regular meetings and seminars to discuss and exchange
    ideas of new methods, models and tools and to
    measure the atmosphere with gliders or motor gliders;
  • working groups for specific projects.

Welcome by Prof. Dr. Zafer Aslan, Chair of the Meteorological Panel

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