PAZI-2 (2005-2007)
Falcon measurement campaigns

Within the framework of the DLR PAZI-2 (Particles and Cirrus Clouds) project, several measurement campaigns to probe cirrus cloud properties were planned with the DLR Falcon aircraft. This web page summarizes information about these campaigns and provides access to the flight planning tools (internal only).

General information about the PAZI-2 project can be found on the PAZI homepage. PAZI is coordinated by Bernd Kärcher.

PAZI-TROCCINOX (January/February 2005)

The first flight missions related to the PAZI-2 project were conducted with the DLR Falcon in Jan/Feb 2005 as part of the TROCCINOX 2005 campaign in Aracatuba in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Further information about TROCCINOX can be found on the TROCCINOX homepage.

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PAZI-LAUNCH (September 2005)

With the aim to study properties of persistent contrails and their temporal evolution, the PAZI-LAUNCH campaign will be conducted with the DLR Falcon in September 2005 in close collaboration with the LAUNCH field campaign. During the LAUNCH field campaign, coordinated by the German Weather Service (DWD), a range of ground-based instruments providing wind, aerosol and humidity profiles will be operated from the DWD Lindenberg Observatory. Based in Oberpfaffenhofen, the Falcon will undertake flight missions into the Lindenberg area under conditions where persistent contrails might form.

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PAZI-CIRCLE-2 (October 2006?)

The PAZI-CIRCLE-2 campaign will focus on the measurement of cirrus cloud optical properties. The Falcon will carry a combined lidar/in situ measurement payload. Overflights of ground-based lidar systems are planned. The field campaign is tentatively planned for autumn 2006.


Further information on PAZI related measurement acitivities can be obtained from: Ulrich Schumann or Bernd Kärcher or Andreas Minikin

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