Flight Plans

Co-ordinated Falcon - DC-8 flights in Shannon

  1. Southbound survey flight from Shannon to Tenerife
  2. Northbound survey flight from Shannon to Iceland
  3. Crossing track of westbound corridor traffic + Falcon - DC-8 intercomparison
  4. Crossing track of eastbound corridor traffic + sunrise measurements

Lagrangian Experiment

  1. Falcon measurements in air masses over the eastern Atlantic which have been freshly polluted in the western North Atlantic corridor 2 to 3 days ahead and which were characterised by DC-8 measurements
  2. Measurements in polluted air masses originating from continental North America (possibly joint mission with MRF/C-130 and NOAA/P3)

Intercomparison of airborne measurements

  1. Fly-by of Falcon and instrumented Swiss Air B747
  2. Fly-by of Falcon and DC-8 (during flight no. 3)
  3. Fly-by of Falcon and instrumented MOZAIC Airbus

Near-field plume measurements

  1. Sniff of ATTAS exhaust plume
  2. Sniff of DC-8 exhaust plume (during flight no. 3)


  1. Observations in a stagnant anticyclone possibly co-ordinated with C-130
  2. Fly-by with C-130 and P3 for intercomparison
  3. Analysis of the inner structure of a PV-streamer including release of meteorological drop sondes
  4. West-east-traverse from Shannon to Poland

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