International Science Symposium

4-8 December 2006
Landshut, Bavaria, Germany
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Volume of Extended Abstracts

The 300 pp. volume appears as WMO-TD 1355 and will be distributed at the conference to all registered participants.
Figures are printed in black-and-white. The colour version can be downloaded from here:

Full volume    STISS-proceedings-all.pdf Download pdf-file (26.0 MB)
Front matter with title, foreword, programme; pp. i-xviii    STISS-proceedings-part1.pdf Download pdf-file (2.3 MB)
Part A: Oral presentations, pp. 1-122;    STISS-proceedings-part2.pdf Download pdf-file (13.1 MB)
Part B: Poster presentations, pp. 123-277;    STISS-proceedings-part3.pdf Download pdf-file (13.8 MB)
THORPEX-IPO will distribute the full volume with colour figures also on CDs.

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