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TAC-5 Conference 2022

The 5th International Conference on Transport, Atmosphere and Climate (TAC-5) took place in Bad Aibling, Southern Germany, from 27 June to 30 June 2022. The conference was located at the Conference Hotel St Georg.

The TAC conference provided a platform for an international information exchange and a discussion forum on state-of-the-art knowledge of the impact of transport on the atmosphere and on climate.

Papers on the following topics were presented:

  • Vehicle emissions
  • Emission inventories and scenarios
  • Contrails, contrail cirrus, ship tracks
  • Indirect cloud effects
  • Transport impact on the chemical composition of the atmosphere
  • Transport impact on climate
  • Mitigation of transport impacts by operational means

The series of TAC conferences continue and broaden the scope of the initial AAC conference Aviation, Atmosphere, and Climate which took place in 2003. The first TAC conference was successfully held in Oxford 2006, followed by conferences in Aachen/Maastricht 2009, in Prien/Chiemsee 2012 and in Bad Kohlgrub 2015.

More than 120 Scientists, researchers, and engineers from all over the world participated in this international conference. The TAC-5 conference included both oral and poster presentations, covering all aspects of the impact of the different modes of transport (aviation, road transport, shipping etc.) on atmospheric chemistry, micro-physics, radiation and climate.

We look forward to welcoming you at TAC-6 in 2025!

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