Final TROCCINOX Project Workshop

at ETH, Switzerland,

Zurich, GEP-Pavillon Ecke Tannenstrasse-Leonhardstrasse (see map),

Thursday and Friday, October 6 and 7, 2005.


The meeting room is reachable with public transportation from main station (at Bahnhofstrasse) with Tram No. 6 (direction Zoo) or with Tram No. 10 (direction Bahnhof Oerlikon) to stop at ETH/Universitätsspital (3rd stop after central station).  A Local map can be found at


Local contact:

Petra Forney, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science ETH, Universitätsstrasse 16, CHN O12.3, ETH-Zentrum, CH-8092 Zürich

Tel:   +41 1 633 39 03, Fax:  +41 1 633 10 58





First day


10:00             Introduction (Tom Peter, U. Schumann):


10:15 Science Session 1 (2.5 h)


12:45 Break for Lunch in the Dozentenfoyer


14:00 Science Session 2 (1 h)


15:00 Science Session Continuation 


If time allows: Group Meetings to discuss papers and cooperation details (rooms CLA D17 / CLA D19, each with 19 seats, and HG E33.1 with 50 seats)


17:30 Summary of Group Meetings


18:00 End of first day


Evening:  Dinner at Linde Oberstrass.  Directions will be distributed.


Second day, 9:00 - 15:00


09:00 Science Session 3 (1 h)


10:00 Management session: Preparation of the Final Report and related project actions


11:00 Group Meetings to discuss papers and cooperation details (2.75 h)

(rooms CLA D17 / CLA D19, each with 19 seats, and HG E33.1 with 50 seats)


12:45 Break for Lunch in the Dozentenfoyer


14:00 Concluding Session


15:00 End of Workshop

TROCCINOX Final Meeting: List of Presentations for Thursday, Oct. 6, 2005


(15 Minutes each including a few questions. Detailed discussions Friday.)



  1. Hans Schlager: "Quality of the DLR in situ trace gas measurements" (including Ozone-Spikes)


  1. Heidi Huntrieser: FLEXPART for TROCCINOX: Introduction to the products and selected case studies


  1. D. Brunner, C. Schwierz, et al.:  Trajectory-based analyses of the TROCCINOX flights


  1. Betz, Schmidt:  " Performance of a new lightning detection network (LINET) during TROCCINOX in Brazil " by Betz, Schmidt (oder umgekehrt), Höller, Fehr, Pinto


  1. Höller:  " LINET lightning structure during TROCCINOX and  implications for LNOx production " by Höller, Kurz, Betz, Schmidt, ....


  1. Heidi Huntrieser: Lightning-produced NOx in Brazilian thunderstorms and their impact on the global NOx budget (Huntrieser, Schlager, Betz, Höller, Schumann et al.)


  1. Ulrich Schumann, H. Huntrieser, C. Kurz und H. Schlager: : Model – Data comparisons and Estimate of the global lightning nitrogen oxides source from model inversion and TROCCINOX data


  1. Paul Konopka: Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange across the Tropical Tropopause: Simulations with CLaMS and Comparison with in-situ Observations during TROCCINOX.


  1. C.M. Volk, J. Baehr, A.C. Kuhn, P. Mazzinghi, H. Schlager, A. Ulanvosky, P. Konopka, F. Fierli, ... Mixing between the tropical UTLS and adjacent reservoirs as evidenced by TROCCINOX tracer observations


  1. Cornelius Schiller: Separate H2O profiles (Schiller, Rohs, Kiemle, Blom)


  1. Cornelius Schiller Saturation ratio inside clouds (Krämer, Schiller, Vössing, Cairo, Mezrin, Sitnikov, Peter, Kärcher, Minikin, Busen, ?)


  1. Christoph Kiemle : Water Vapour profiles from DIAL


  1. F. Cairo et al. "Comparisons and closures of in-situ instruments observing clouds"


  1. C. Ren: "Tropical cirrus clouds modelling and forecast tests" by C. Ren and A. R. MacKenzie.


  1. Joachim Curtius, "In situ aerosol measurements in the tropical tropopause region"


  1. Andreas Minikin: Aerosol properties and trace gas concentrations in long-range transported, convectively influenced air as observed during the TROCCINOX Trans-Atlantic transfer flights


  1. Marc von Hobe: Halogenradikalmessungen in the Tropics during TROCCINOX.


  1. F. Arnold: Upper tropospheric sulfur dioxide pollution over South America and Europe: implications for aerosol and cloud condensation nuclei formation. By F.Arnold, T.Schuck,  M.Speidel, R.Nau, V.Fiedler, H.Schlager, and L.Pirjola


  1. Tanja Schuck: First aircraft-based upper tropospheric SO2 measurements over Brazil by an advanced CIMS instrument: evidence for efficient convective transport of man made SO2. by T.Schuck, F.Arnold, R.Nau, V.Fiedler, and H.Schlager


  1. Christine Voigt, Geophysica measurements in Cirrus clouds


  1. T. Peter, C. Schiller, F. Cairo, B. Luo, R. Weigel, V. Mitev, H. Vössing, T. Corti, C. Voigt, C. Kiemle, M. Volk, D. Brunner:  Ice particles at 410 K and hydration and/or dehydration


  1. T. Corti, C. Schwierz, B. Luo, C. Kiemle, T. Peter: UTTCs during APE-THESEO and TROCCINOX


  1. F. Arnold, T. Schuck, M. Speidel, R. Nau, V. Fiedler, and H. Schlager, Sulfur dioxide processes and deep convection


  1. Marc von Hobe: Ozone loss, chlorine activation and denitrification during the MARSCHALS test flight on 7 March


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