to be held at IPMet (Auditorium) at Bauru, Brazil, on November 16-19, 2004

DRAFT Programme (Rev.8: 10/11/2004)



6 scientific sessions (chairmen + rapporteurs)

Scientific presentations: 15’ +5’ for discussion

Small groups meetings  possible  after workshop on Nov 19 for further discussion on papers


Please note, that this programme is relatively flexible and thus subject to changes. The main emphasis will be on DISCUSSION between the various Research Groups!


TUESDAY, 16 NOVEMBER 2004, 13: 00

Objectives of workshop  (J. P. Pommereau)


Overview of IPMet’s International collaborative Projects during the 2004 Campaign

Chairman: Prof. R.V. Calheiros

Tropical Convection and Cirrus Experiment Brazil  -  Overview of TroCCiBras and First Results from the Campaign 2004 (Gerhard Held & R.V. Calheiros, Coordinators; J.-P. Pommereau, U. Schumann, A.M. Gomes)  -  25min

Overview: HIBISCUS  (J.-P. Pommereau & A. Garnier, Coordinators)  -  30min

·  MIR, BP and satellites, the global view  -  Jean-Pierre Pommereau and A. Garnier

·  Small balloons and sondes, the local view  -  Anne Garnier and J.-P. Pommereau

TROCCINOX  -  Tropical Convection, Cirrus and Nitrogen Oxides Experiment, Overview

(Ulrich Schumann, Coordinator)  -  30min 


14:30  Coffee 


14:40  Session 1. Climatology and Observations during the 2004 Campaign

Chairman: Dr J-P Pommereau

Synoptic conditions associated with the heavy rainfall episode in the beginning of 2000 over eastern São Paulo  -  Prakki Satyamurty and Mateus da Silva Teixeira, CPTEC/INPE

Radar Climatology during the TroCCiBras Campaign  -  Ana Maria Gomes, IPMet/UNESP

Climatology of Lightning in Brazil  -  Overview and Comparison to the Campaign Period  -  Kleber P. Naccarato, Osmar Pinto, ELAT / INPE, Gerhard Held, IPMet/UNESP (pres. GH)

Trace Gas Measurements during TroCCiBras/TROCCINOX 2004  -  Axel Thielmann, Michael Welling and Meinrat O. Andreae, MPIC (pres. GH)

Results of Aerosol Measurements during the Bandeirante Flights  -  Paulo Artaxo,  IF / USP (pres. GH)

16:20 Discussion

16:40 Session 2: Lightning and NOx

Chairman: To be decided

First Results from Lightning Observations with Broadband Digital Interferometer during the TroCCiBras Campaign  -  Gerhard Held, IPMet/UNESP, Takeshi Morimoto and Zen Kawasaki, LRGOU

Comparison of TRMM LIS and PR with ground based lightning and radar  observations for the TROCCINOX/TroCCiBras/HIBISCUS field campaign  -  Thorsten Fehr, H. Höller, G. Held, O. Pinto Jr., Zen-Ichiro Kawasaki, IPA/DLR, IPMet/UNESP, ELAT/INPE & LRGOU (pres. ??)

Lightning - NO2 Relationship  from SAOZ MIR, Small Balloons and ground-Based Observations  -  Jean-Pierre Pommereau and F. Goutail, SA/CNRS

Comparisons between Global Models and Measurements of Trace Gases during TROCCINOX  -  Heidi Huntrieser, C. Kurz, H. Schlager, U. Schumann, L. Bugliaro, IPA/DLR; M. Lawrence, L. Labrador, MPIC; E. Meijer, KNMI; and M. Schultz, MPI-Hamburg (pres. US)

18:00 Discussion

WEDNESDAY, 17 NOVEMBER 2004, 09:00

09:00 Session 3: Convection and vertical transport

Chairman: To be decided

A Preliminary Analysis of the Identification of Severe Thunderstorm Environments in Southern and Southeastern Brazil Utilizing Convective Parameters  -  Ernani de Lima Nascimento, Instituto Tecnológico SIMEPAR  -  attendance uncertain due to other committements

Experiments with Physics Ensemble Forecasting with the Meso Eta Model  -  Chou Sin Chan, Jorge Gomes and J Bustamante, CPTEC

Evaluation of the Surface Wind Speed and Vertical Temperature Profile Predictions from the Meso-Eta Model during the TroCCiBras 2004 Campaign  -  José Carlos Figueiredo & Adelmo Antonio Correia, IPMet/UNESP, and Jorge Luís Gomes, CPTEC

Objective Evaluation of the Meso-NH Simulations during the HIBISCUS - TROCCINOX - TroCCiBras 2004 Campaign Using Satellite Observations  -  Jean-Pierre Chaboureau, J.-P. Cammas, J. Duron, F. Gheusi, C. Mari, P. Mascart and J.-P. Pinty, Laboratoire d’Aerologie

CRM (Cloud Resolving Model) Studies of Tropical Deep ConvectionOobserved during HIBISCUS 2004  -  Daniel Grosvenor, T.W. Choularton & H. Coe, UMIST; G. Held, IPMet; A. Robinson, UCAM and J. Gomes, CPTEC

10:40  -  11:00  Coffee

A Regional-Model "Climatology" of Vertical Mass and Water-vapor Transport for the HIBISCUS - TROCCINOX - TroCCiBras 2004 Campaign  -  François Gheusi, J.-P. Cammas, J.-P.Chaboureau, J. Duron, C. Mari, P. Mascart and J.-P. Pinty, Laboratoire d’Aerologie

Trajectory Analysis using ECWMF data: Comparison to the measurement  -  Beiping P. Luo, D. Brunner, C. Schwierz, Thierry Corti, Thomas Peter, ETHZ

The influence of convection on atmospheric variability in a Lagrangean perspective  -  Marcos Longo, Rodrigo Gevaerd, Saulo Ribeiro de Freitas, John Lin, Christoph Gerbig, Maria Assunção Faus da Silva Dias, Pedro Leite da Silva Dias, IAG/USP & CPTEC

The relevance of spatial distribution of soil moisture field for mesoscale convective system simulation  -  Rodrigo Gevaerd, Marcos Longo, Saulo Ribeiro de Freitas, Maria Assunção Faus da Silva Dias, Pedro Leite da Silva Dias, IAG/USP & CPTEC

12:20  Lunch

14:00  Discussion of Session 3

15:00 Session 4: Meso-scale chemical modelling, particularly on selected days.

Chairman: To be decided

An overview of the current environmental modeling activities on CPTEC and its linkage with HIBISCUS / TROCCINOX experiment  -  Saulo Freitas and Karla Longo, CPTEC/INPE

Regional Modelling of Lightning NOx and Ozone: A Case Study during the Joint HIBISCUS-TROCCINOX-TROCCIBRAS 2004 Campaign  -  Celine Mari, P. Mascart, J.-P. Pinty, J.-P. Chaboureau, F. Gheusi, J.-P.Cammas, Laboratoire d’Aerologie; T. Fehr, H. Schlager, V.-H. Peuch, A. Roiger, M. Lichtenstein and P. Stock, IPA/DLR

Application of the Meso-Eta Model to Predict a Flash-Flood in Bauru  -  Gerhard Held, IPMet/UNESP and Jorge Luis Gomes, CPTEC

16:00  -  16:15  Coffee

Study of the Impact of the 8th of February 2001 Convective System on the UTLS Air Composition  -    Virginie Marécal, E. Riviere, CNRS-Orleans; G. Held, IPMet; S. Freitas, CPTEC; N. Larsen, DMI; and S.Cautenet, LAMP-Clermont Ferrand

The town energy budget (TEB) – implementation in RAMS high resolution simulations of air pollution of a mega-city (Sao Paulo)  -  Edmilson Dias de Freitas & P.L. da S. Dias, IAG/USP

CTM and Trajectory Studies of Transport to and from the TTL  -  James Levine, UCAM

Um Estudo do Evento de Tempestade Local Ocorrida no Vale do Paraíba em fevereiro de 2002:  Aspectos Observacionais e Numéricos utilizando o RAMS e o BRAMS  -  Wallace Figueiredo Menezes, Daniele Rodrigues Ornelas de Lima, UFRJ & P. L. da S. Dias, IAG/USP  -  attendance uncertain

17:15 Discussion 

THURSDAY, 18 NOVEMBER 2004, 09:00

09:00 Session 5: Water vapour, ozone and tracers in TTL

Chairman: Dr Rod Jones

Comparison of H2O-DIAL Water Vapour Observations with ECMWF analysis during TROCCINOX 2004  -  H. Flentje, A. Amediek, A. Dörnbrack, G. Ehret, A. Fix, U. Schumann and M. Wirth, IPA/DLR (pres. US)

Humidity Profiles Determined from Satellite Sensors and Lidar  -  Roberto V Calheiros & Roberto Machado, IPMet/UNESP; H. Flentje, IPA/DLR; and C.A.F. Thompson Leite, IP/UERJ

In Situ Measurements of H2O, CH4 and CO2 in the Upper Troposphere and the TTL with the  Micro-SDLA Balloon-Borne Diode Laser sensor  -  Georges Durry, N. Amarouche, A. Hauchecorne, N. Huret, M. Pirre and S. Freitas, SA/CNRS, INSU, LPCE/CNRS & CPTEC

Measurements of Water Vapour Using the UCAM SAW Hygrometer Onboard the SF Flights during Hibiscus 2004  -  Louise Eden, G.M. Hansford, R.A. Freshwater and R.L. Jones  -  UCAM

Zonal distribution of ozone, water vapour in the tropical TTL and lower stratosphere from MIR-SAOZ measurements, comparison to ECMWF and satellite observations  -  J. P. Pommereau, SA/CNRS

10:40  -  11:00 Coffee

Modelling Interpretation of in Situ H2O, CH4 and CO2 Measured by µSDLA Balloon-borne Instrument (SF2 and SF4 flights)  -  Natalie Huret(1), G. Durry (2), S. Freitas(3), A. Hauchecorne(2), LPCE/CNRS, SA/CNRS & CPTEC

Short Duration and Sonde Measurements of Ozone during Hibiscus 2004  -  Graeme Hansford, R.A. Freshwater and R. L. Jones, UCAM

UCAM Halocarbon Observations on SF Balloons during HIBISCUS (2003/2004)  -  Andrew D. Robinson, McIntyre J.D., Gostlow B.G., Levine J., Harris N.R.P. and Pyle J.A., UCAM

12:00  Discussion

12:30  Lunch

14:00  Continue Discussion of Session 5


14:30  Session 6: Cirrus clouds in TTL region

Chairman: To be decided

Cloud and Aerosol Detections by Balloon-borne Lidars and Backscattersondes: Results from Short- and Long-Duration flights  -  Guido Di Donfrancesco (ENEA-Clim), F. Cairo, C. Buontempo, M. Snels, L. Liberti,, F.Fierli  (CNR-ISAC)  -  45 min!!!

Lidar Measurements with IPEN’s Aerosol Lidar during the TroCCiBras 2004 Campaign  -  Eduardo Landulfo, A.Z. Freitas, A. Papayannis and IPEN Students, CLA/IPEN & Nat.Techn.Univ.Athens

15:35  Discussion  (including Proposal for S.P. Lidars)

16:00  Coffee

16:20  Wrap-up of Workshop

Chairman: Jean-Pierre Pommereau

17:00  Individual Group Discussions

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