March 18/19, 2004
DLR Oberpfaffenhofen


1. Introduction (U. Schumann and L. Stefanutti)
    Experiences from TROCCINOX in February/March 2004 (U. Schumann)
3. Status of the Geophysica (L.Stefanutti)
4. Requirements for
    TROCCINOX (Schumann, Büsing)
    APE-INFRA (Stefanutti, Barth),
    ENVISAT-Validation (Blom, Wursteisen)
    ESA-WALES (Ehret)
    HIBISCUS (Pommereau)
    TROCCIBRAS (Calheiros)
    MARSCHALS (Moyna, Blom)
5. Proposals for future Missions
    A. TROCCINOX 2 in Brazil in Nov/Dec. or Jan/Feb. 2004 (Schlager)
    B. APE-INFRA to Seville and Sal or Darkar in May/June or September (Balestri, McKenzie)
    C. SCOUT (Schiller)
6. Contract duration and financial implications (Barth, Büsing, Wursteisen)
7. Discussion
8. Conclusions