TROCCINOX Project workshop at DLR Oberpfaffenhofen


Venue: DLR-IPA seminar room, Oberpfaffenhofen


Program, (of 8 May 2003)



Friday, 16 May 2003


13:00            Opening (U. Schumann)




1.      Report of the Work Package status

WP1 –.Preparation of the campaign (WP Leader: H. Höller)

Report of the preparatory visit in Feb 03 (U. Schumann)

Report of flight infra-structure (airport, hangar etc) (H. Finkenzeller)

WP2 The Field Campaign – Operation Centre, ETHZ (T. Peter)

WP3 The Field Campaign – M55 Geophysica measurements, ULANC (R. MacKenzie)

WP4 The Field Campaign – Falcon measurements, DLR (H. Schlager)

WP5 The Field Campaign – Ground based and spaceborne systems, DLR (H. Höller)

WP6 Information centre and Data base, DLR (T. Fehr)

            Web pages, data protocol

WP7 Impact of tropical deep convection on the NOx-budget, DLR (H. Huntrieser)

WP8 Water vapour distribution and budget, FZJ-ICG1 (C. Schiller)

WP9 Cirrus and aerosol particles, CNR-IFA (A. Adriani)

WP10 Constituent transport in the tropical tropopause region, JWG-IMG (M. Volk)

WP11 Coordination, DLR (U. Schumann)


2.      Report of the Brazilian research activities, sientific proposal, SNPq scientific expedition application (G. Held)


3.      HIBISCUS‑TROCCINOX cooperation (J.P. Pommereau)

Balloon and radiosonde flights of different types, O3, H2O, backscatter sondes in the TTL in conjunction with aircraft measurements

Contribution of Brazilian partners, operations, and IPMet data archival


4.      Time schedule (H. Höller, H. Finkenzeller)

Brazilian scientific proposal, CNPq, whitebook, visit of technical and logistics group, customs, shipping, fransfer route


5.      Critical dates for go/no-go decisions, fall back positions for alternative experiments (H. Höller)


6.      Annual report (H. Huntrieser)


7.      Whitebook, experimental plan (H. Höller, H. Schlager)

Whitebook (H. Höller)

Flight planning, preliminary ideas (WP Leaders, all)


8.      Further topics (tbd)



16:00   Closing of the TROCCINOX-Workshop


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