TROCCINOX-2 and related Projects
White Book Meeting

The objective of this meeting is to review the campaign preparation document, in particular the scientific planning of the flights, in the light of the TROCCINOX-1 experiences and the latest development of PAZI being embedded in the campaign.

The meeting will be held on 16 Dec. 2004 from 9.00 - 14.30 LT at
Erding (nearby Munich airport)
    Gasthof-Hotel Mayr-Wirt
    Haager Strasse 4
    D - 85435 Erding    
    phone: +49-8122 880920
    fax  : +49-8122 7098

A draft of the agenda is given below:

- Introduction and objectives of the meeting (Schlager)
- Status of campaign preparation (Höller)
- PAZI objectives (Kärcher)
- Geophysica, Falcon, and Bandeirante payloads (MacKenzie, Schlager, Thielmann)
- Radar and lightning detection (Höller)
- TROCCINOX-1 experiences  (Schlager, Peter, Thielmann, others)
- Review/discussion of flight pattern (MacKenzie):    
    local convection
    continental outflow
    cirrus formation/properties
    UTLS transport
covering aspects of LNOx (Schlager), Cirrus/aerosol (Peter), H2O (Schiller), transport in UT/LS (Volk), and PAZI (Petzold/Minikin)
- Review of forecast products (Peter, Höller, Mascart)
- Time line of flight planning (MacKenzie)
- Coordination of Geophysica, Falcon and Bandeirante during the mission (MacKenzie, Schlager, Thielmann)
- Availability of flight planning team members during the campaign (all)
- Miscellaneous

Hans Schlager

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