TROCCINOX Final Meeting
6-7 Oct 2005

Dear Colleagues,

as announced on our last meeting (see minutes of June 05, attached),
and on invitation by Prof. Thomas Peter,
the Final TROCCINOX workshop is planned to take place in Zürich, October 6 and 7, 2005.

Besides preparation of the final report etc.,
this meeting mainly serves to prepare the scientific analysis and publications of the results of this project.

Please note that we plan for a special section in the Journal Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry.
Submissions may start soon and should be complete by early summer 2006.
A list if topics and potential authors have been discussed on the last meeting.
See minutes of last meeting.

We hope for many participants with scientific contributions.
I ask all workshop participants who plan a paper to send to me the title of the paper they are preparing.
We will set up the science sections in the workshop so that possibly each paper gets discussed at the workshop.

Attached is
- the preliminary agenda
- Hotel information.

Please make reservations for your Hotel room directly and immediately.
Petra Forney of the ETH made pre-reservations at the Hotels for TROCCINOX participants but these reservations are valid only until September 10, 2005.

With best regards

Ulrich Schumann
TROCCINOX Scientific Coordinator

Dear TROCCINOX Colleagues,

In addition to the invitation with email of August 25 (see attachment),

here a short interim report on the preliminary suggestions of topics for the TROCCINOX-Workshop in Zürich, 6./7.10.05, which I received so far (changes are still possible):

Heidi Huntrieser: Lightning-produced NOx in Brazilian thunderstorms and their impact on the global NOx budget (Huntrieser, Schlager, Betz, Höller, Schumann et al.)

Heidi Huntrieser: Model comparison of all TROCCINOX-2 flights (ECHAM, TM4, MATCH, conv. infl. air [Brunner], Meso-NH)

Heidi Huntrieser: FLEXPART for TROCCINOX: Introduction to the products and selected case studies

Andreas Minikin: Aerosol properties and trace gas concentrations in long-range transported, convectively influenced air as observed during the TROCCINOX Trans-Atlantic transfer flights

Marc von Hobe: Halogenradikalmessungen in den Tropen während TROCCINOX.

Marc von Hobe: Ozone loss, chlorine activation and denitrification during the MARSCHALS test flight on 7 March

Ulrich Schumann, H. Huntrieser, C. Kurz und H. Schlager: Estimate of the global lightning nitrogen oxides source from model inversion and TROCCINOX data

Frank Arnold called and announced two contributions on SO2, but I do not yet get the titles and the names of the speakers/coauthors.

We hope for far more contributions.

Please send your suggestions to me soon, possibly by September 22, so that we can prepare the programme in more detail.

Ulrich Schumann

May I please remind you to make your own Hotel reservations before September 10, 2005.

With best regards

Ulrich Schumann
TROCCINOX Scientific Coordinator

Dear colleague

Further to Ulrich Schumann's mail below concerning

TROCCINOX - Final Workshop Zurich Oct 6-7

I will provide you here with some information on science issues here.  Logistic information will follow in a second mail.

The science sessions and group meetings will very much concentrate discussing the material that will become the backbones of our papers (see first attachment).  Hence, we aim at having a very focused workshop.  We aim at something like 50 participants.  The following colleagues had been identified in the previous meeting at Oberpfaffenhofen (see second attachment) to take a leading role in pushing the development of these papers:

          Schumann, Brunner, Huntrieser, Pommerau, Schlager, Höller, Kurz, Thielmann,
          Betz, Stroh, Cairo, Vössing, Voigt, MacKenzie, Schiller, Peter, Konopka, Kiemle, Flentje,
          Krämer, Curtius, Baehr, Volk, Minikin, Grewe, Arnold     

This list of people was determined “ad hoc” and may change.  Nevertheless, may I ask these colleagues to

1.    come up with a plan on how to develop the ideas underlying envisaged papers (insights, problems, writing assignments …),
2.    make sure that they themselves will participate in the Zurich meeting,
3.    make sure that they will get the support from their important coauthors, either by ensuring that they will be in Zurich or by obtaining the relevant information in advance to the meeting (potential coauthors are listed in the minutes attached, but again this list resulted from an ad hoc procedure). 

As hotel reservations will need to be made by 10 September, we need to move quickly.  I will send related logistic information in my next mail.

Tom Peter

Thomas Peter

Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science
Hoenggerberg HPP L8.2
CH-8093 Zuerich, Switzerland  
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