TroCCiNOx Modelling Workshop 4-5 September 2003


ETH Centre, meeting room ML E 13


Thursday, 4 September 2003


09:00            Welcome – scope of this workshop (Thomas Peter)

09:10            Introduction of participants (everybody)

09:20            Organizational issues (Petra Forney)  


All presentations little intro, but to the point!  Strictly 5’, please.  Each followed by 10’ of discussion.


Overview presentations


09:30            Modelling goals – from the description of work (Tom Peter)

09:45            Modelling and forecasting tools – results from the questionnaire (Thorsten Fehr)

10:00    Flight templates – some ideas for the White Book (Rob MacKenzie)


Topic-centred presentations


Lightning NOx and TTL chemistry (chair/rapporteur Ulrich Schumann)


10:15            Modelling activities for NOx from lightning, what should be done (Ulrich Schumann)

10:30    Cloud microphysics and dynamics parameterisations with relation to lightning initiation (Hartmut Höller)

10:45    Global simulations of lightning effects (Christina Schnadt)


11:00    Coffee break


11:30            Modelling of lightning NOx (Lorenzo Labrador)

11:45    KNMI CTM simulations of lightning produced NOx (Peter van Velthoven)

12:00            Lightning activity in Brazil and South America (Thorsten Fehr)

12:15            Potential application of GEM-AQ over Brazil (Lori Neary)

12:30    The chemical transport model CLaMS and its potential for tropical applications (Rolf Müller)

12:45    End of session


13:00    Lunch


Cirrus and supersaturation of H2O with respect to ice (chair/rapporteur Thomas Peter)


14:15    Insights from INCA observations in tropical South America  (Hans Schlager)

14:30    Cirrus cloud modelling (Beiping Luo)

14:45            Interpreting thin cirrus and total water fields (Rob MacKenzie)


Lagrangian Transport Modelling (chair/rapporteur Thomas Peter)


15:00            Trajectory studies of transport to and from the TTL (James Levine)

15:15            Forecasts for the flight planning and analyses using the Lagrangian transport model FLEXPART

(Caroline Forster)

15:30    Tropical Troposphere-to-Stratosphere Transport Inferred from Trajectory Calculations (Thomas Peter)


15:45    Coffee break


Deep convection I (chair/rapporteur Thierry Corti)


16:15            Aerosols entering the UT region through deep convection: numerical simulations using a dynamic

cloud model with bin-resolved microphysics and chemistry (Yan Yin)

16:30            Satellite-derived statistics and nowcasting of high clouds over Brazil (Thierry Corti)

16:45    Radar-derived statistics and nowcasting of high clouds over Brazil (Hartmut Höller)

17:00            Organizational issues (Petra Forney)

17:15    End


19:00            Workshop Dinner – Mountain Uetliberg above Zurich


TroCCiNOx Modelling Workshop – cont.



Friday, 5 September 2003



Deep convection II (chair/rapporteur Thierry Corti)


09:00            Preliminary results with a 2km-resolution version of MESO-NH for the Bauru 2001 case (Patrick Mascart)

09:15            Summary of current plans for real time mesoscale runs of MESO-NH during the TroCCiNOx-HIBISCUS 

field-phase of January-February 2004 (Céline Mari)

09:30    UK MET office LES tool, with emphasis on its sensitivity to CCN concentrations (Daniel Grosvenor )


Forecasting of weather and dynamic activity for TroCCiNOx


09:45            Availability of ECMWF products during TroCCiNOx (Conny Schwierz)

10:00    Weather forecasts for Brazil Jan/Feb 2003 in retrospect (Christoph Gatzen)


            Summary: science questions to be approached within TroCCiNOx


10:15            Rapporteur’s report and discussion on lightning NOx and other chemical issue (Ulrich Schumann, all)

10:30            Rapporteur’s report and discussion on cirrus and Lagrangian modelling (Tom Peter, all)

10:45            Rapporteur’s report and discussion on deep convection and related (Thierry Corti, all)


11:00    Coffee break


            Summary: forecasting/nowcasting requirements and abilities within TroCCiNOx


11:30            Discussion (all)

Routine flight planning – towards a flow chart of model input (moderated by Thorsten Fehr & Tom Peter)


12:15    Free discussion time


12:45    Lunch


White Book


14:00    Ideas and concepts emerging from the Work Shop (Rob MacKenzie)

14:15            Discussion (all)


15:00    Coffee break


15:30    Official close of the Work Shop


16:00            Organizational issues – the Operation Centre(s)


17:00            Continuation of the White Book meeting

Everybody is welcome!


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