The DLR Project WETTER & FLIEGEN (2008 - 2011)

Final Colloquium - Munich Airport Center - 14 to 15 March 2012


last modified April 2012, Frank Holzäpfel


Introduction (C. Schwarz)


Improved Weather Prediction Employing Data Assimilation and Ensembles
T. Gerz

Impact of Turbulence and Ground on Wake Vortex Evolution - Towing Tank Studies
R. Geisler, R. Konrath

Wake Vortex Evolution in Ground Proximity and at Cruise Altitudes - LES Studies
F. Holzäpfel, T. Misaka, I. Hennemann, A. Stephan

On the Influence of Vortex Deformation on Wake Encounter Hazard
D. Vechtel

Wake encounter in-situ flight tests - Wake characterization
D. Fischenberg

Simulated Lidar Signals for Wake Vortex Detection Ahead of the Aircraft
M. Hirschberger

Airport Systems and ATC procedures

Prediction of Dynamic Pairwise Wake Vortex Separations for Approach and Landing - the WSVBS
F. Holzäpfel, C. Schwarz

Sensitivity Analysis and Risk Assessment - WakeScene
J. Kladetzke, F. Holzäpfel, C. Schwarz

Delay reduction potential and benefit assessment of the wake vortex prediction and monitoring system
A. Lau, W. Gerling, S. Lorenz, F. Holzäpfel

Aircraft Systems

System and HMI Design of a Wake Encounter Avoidance and Advisory System
T. Bauer, D. Vechtel, C. Raab

Feed-back flight control for handling severe atmospheric disturbances
G. Looye

Wake Encounter Flight Control Assistance Based on Forward-Looking Measurements
D. Niedermeier, C. Horn, J. Ehlers, D. Fischenberg

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