Process-oriented validation
of coupled chemistry-climate models

CCMVal 2005
CCMVal 2005


Background and scope: 
The 2005 Chemistry-Climate Modeling workshop will focus on process oriented validation of coupled chemistry-climate models (CCMs) and progress in Chemistry Climate Modeling.  This workshop is part of a new SPARC activity for CCM Validation (CCMVal) ( ) and follows on from the GRIPS project.  Further details on the SPARC CCM Validation project, including a summary of the November 2003 CCMVal meeting are available in the SPARC Newsletter 23
This activity is aimed at bringing together the expertise of the measurement and process-studies communities to bear on improving our confidence in future predictions of CCMs.  We encourage the participitation of global modelers as well as observationalists.  Workshop topics will include dynamics, stratospheric transport, radiation, and stratospheric chemistry and microphysics.
Workshop Goals:  
The goals of the workshop are: (i) to assess progress in the validation of current CCMs following the guidelines developed in the first CCM workshop as outlined in the SPARC Newsletter 23 summary and (ii) to assess how CCM model results can support the UNEP/WMO Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2006.
Workshop Format:
The meeting will include a limited number of invited and contributed oral presentations on the workshop topics.  One or more poster sessions will be held for the submitted abstracts.

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