Process-oriented validation of 
coupled chemistry-climate models


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Poster Session 2a and 2b
2a-1 Ozone Seasonal Cycles Douglass, Anne; Kawa, Randy Jackman, Charles
2a-2 Quantification of horizontal 
transport processes in the Berlin Climate Middle Atmosphere Model with interactive chemistry
Krüger, Kirstin; Grenfell, John Lee; Mieth, Peter; Langematz Ulrike; Steil Benedikt
2a-3 Age-of-air simulation using the New-Dynamics Unified Model  Morgenstern, Olaf; Zeng, Guang; Braesicke, Peter; Pyle, John; Johnson, Colin
2a-4 Tracer Mixing in the Extratropical Tropopause Region Wirth, Volkmar; Lopez Juan-Fran
2b-1 Sensitivity of dynamics and ozone to different representations of SSTs in the Unified Model Braesicke, Peter; Pyle, John A.
2b-2 Cold bias and its sensitivity to the dissipation scheme  Burkhardt, Ulrike; Becker, Erich
2b-3 Comparison of zonal large scale ozone variability derived from ECHAM4.L39(DLR)/CHEM and TOMS total ozone data  Erbertseder, Thilo; Eyring, Veronika; Bittner, Michael; Dameris, Martin 
2b-4 Climate Change in a Stratospheric Mechanistic Model Hampson, John; Bekki, Slimane; Hauchecorne, Alain; Keckhut, Philippe; Chanin, Marie-Lise 
2b-5 Variation in instantaneous lifetimes of ozone depleting substances, in relation to stratospheric circulation  Hoyle, Christopher; Rozanov E.; Egorova, T.; Peter T. 
2b-6 Relation between stratospheric ozone and climate deduced from total ozone data  Hudson, Robert; Andrade, Marcos; Follette, Melanie 
2b-7 Specified Ozone Production and Loss  Jackman, Charles; Kawa, Randy; Douglass, Anne; 
2b-8 Observational constraints on modeling the dynamic troposphere-stratosphere coupling  Judith Perlwitz 
2b-9 Signature of AO phase in the lower stratosphere ozone and temperature  Rozanov., Eugene; Egorova, Tatiana; Schmutz, Werner; Zubov, Vladimir 
2b-10 Short term ozone variability - Ozone miniholes  Stenke, Andrea; Grewe, Volker
2b-11 Tropical isolation in the middle stratosphere as shown by CLAES N2O measurements  Strahan, Susan; Douglass, Anne


Poster Session 3a and 3b
3a-1 The interactive chemistry climate model MAECHAM4-CHEM, longterm simulations for near past, present and near future Bruehl, Christoph; Steil, Benedikt; Manzini, Elisa 
3a-2 Polar stratospheric cloud simulations with ECHAM 5  Buchholz, Joachim; Meilinger, Stefanie; Lelieveld, Jos 
3a-3 Atmospheric Chemistry in the Community Atmosphere Model  Philip Cameron-Smith (LLNL), Doug Rotman (LLNL),  Jean-Francois Lamarque (NCAR), Stacy Walters (NCAR), John Taylor (ANL), Peter Gleckler (LLNL)
3a-4 Chemistry Climate interactions after large volcanic eruptions I Graf Hans_F.; Timmreck Claudia; Li Qian Thomas; Manu Anna 
3a-5 Lagrangian CTM studies of future polar vortex structure and ozone loss Lemmen, Carsten; Guenther, Gebhard; Mager, Fabian; Dameris, Martin; Riese, Martin; Mueller, Rolf 
3a-6 Impact of climate and emission changes on stratospheric sulphuric acid aerosols Pitari, Giovanni; Mancini, Eva 
3a-7 Validation of a nudged 3-D circulation model including full stratospheric chemistry with satellite data Ruhnke, Roland; Reddmann, Thomas; Kouker, Wolfgang 
3a-8 The solar cycle variation of chemical species in the middle atmosphere studied with a 3-D chemistry-climate model  SEKIYAMA, Thomas; SHIBATA, Kiyotaka; DEUSHI, Makoto; ORITO, Kohtaro; KODERA, Kunihiko 
3a-9 Stratospheric Bromine Chemistry Sinnhuber, Bjoern-Martin; Sinnhuber, Miriam 
3a-10 Evaluation of stratospheric temperature fidelity using an NCEP climatology Strahan, Susan; Douglass, Anne
3a-11 Simulation of Pinatubo aerosols and its impact on stratospheric chemistry by using a CCSR/NIES AGCM TAKIGAWA, Masayuki; TAKAHASHI, Masaaki; AKIYOSHI, Hideharu; 
3a-12 The effects of non-orographic GWD scheme and radiation from large SZA on the Antarctic ozone hole Tatsuya, Nagashima; Masaaki, Takahashi; Hideharu, Akiyoshi; Masayuki, Takigawa 
3a-13 Effects of stratospheric water vapour on O3 depletion: A coupled chemistry-climate model study  Tian Wenshou; Chipperfield Martyn 
3a-14 Chemistry Climate interactions after large volcanic eruptions II Timmreck, Claudia 
3a-15 A new treatment of PSCs for Chemistry-Climate Models  van den Broek, Miranda; Bregman, Bram 
3b-1 Ozone production and loss in the UTLS region  Isaksen, Ivar; Gauss, Michael 
3b-2 A climatology of the northern hemisphere winter tropopause in comparison of ECMWF analyses and the DLR/E39C general circulation model  Kouker, Wolfgang; Reddmann, Thomas; Ruhnke, Roland; Schnadt, Christine; Dameris, Martin 
3b-3 Using the Tropopause Height for Model Evaluation and Detection of Climate Change  Sausen, Robert; Santer, B.D.; Wigley, T.M.L.; Taylor, K.E.; Boyle, J.S.; Brüggemann, W.; Meehl, G.A.; Roeckner, E.; Dameris, M.; Schnadt, C.; Eyring, V.; Grewe, V.; Ponater, M.


Poster Session 4a and 4b
4a-1 The interactive chemistry climate model MAECHAM4-CHEM, longterm simulations for near past, present and near future (part 2) Bruehl, Christoph; Steil, Benedikt; Manzini, Elisa 
4a-2 North Atlantic Oscillation changes and stratospheric ozone recovery in the Northern Hemisphere in a chemistry-climate model  Schnadt, Christina; Dameris, Martin 
4a-3 Simulation of the separate climate effects of stratospheric and tropsopheric CO2 doubling  Siegmund, Peter; Sigmond, Micheal Kelder, Hennie 
4a-4 Column ozone and the residual circulation Wohltmann, Ingo; Rex, Markus Eyring, Veronika
4b-1 PFCs and UTLS temperatures  Forster, Piers 
4b-2 Clouds and actinic Flux - first results of INSPECTRO  Scheirer, Ronald; Mayer, Bernhard
4b-3 A comparison of model-simulated trends in stratospheric temperatures  Shine, Keith; Forster, Piers + lots more 


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