10th Annual EMAC Symposium (July 28-31, 2020)


The purposes of this meeting are, to get to know each other, to intensify the collaboration between the groups, and to share experiences with the MESSy modeling system.
As usual, all users and developers of the MESSy modeling system are invited to give a short presentation (12 + 3 minutes) about planned, finished and ongoing work with EMAC, MECO(n), CESM1/MESSy, etc.
Since we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we will have some special arrangements (in comparison to the previous 9 meetings):


The meeting will take place at the ABG Tagungszentrum in Beilngries: https://www.abg-tagungszentrum.de/de/home/

We will start the meeting with (registration and) a joint dinner on July 28, 2020 (18:00), thus you can take this day for your journey!.

The meeting will finish on July 31, 2020 at about 14:00 after the joint lunch.

The total costs (all inclusive, see table below) per person are Euro 409.- (plus your individual travel costs).
There is room for up to 60 persons.

Information about costs (no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information)
Euro/day Euro (total) remarks
room 89 267 including breakfast
dinner buffet (Abendbuffet) July 28, 2020 11 11 not including drinks
full board (Vollpension) July 29/30, 2020 50 100 including drinks (Getränkepauschale), 2 coffee breaks, lunch, dinner
full board (Vollpension) July 31, 2020 31 31 including drinks (Getränkepauschale), 1 coffee break, lunch
SUM 409 all inclusive


Note that your registration is binding (verbindlich!), i.e. you need to cover the costs of Euro 409.- also in case you will not attend the meeting!

The registration deadline is: May 11, 2020.
(We need to send the list of participants 9 weeks before the meeting!).

Please register here: https://terminplaner4.dfn.de/UTuN2DbBCpRey2M3
(Please note that you can edit your entries until the deadline, if you request your personal link to the poll to be sent by e-mail.)

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