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Patrick Jöckel, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
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What is ncdx?
ncdx is a tool (written in FORTRAN-90) that scans a netCDF file and makes it OpenDX compliant. If the netCDF file contains e.g., the coordinate variables (axes) "x", "y", "z", and a time axis "t" (UNLIMITED dimension), along with a scalar data field of the form "d(t,z,y,x)", ncdx will add the required attributes and position variables to the netCDF file.

ncdx is freely available without any warranty under the GNU public license (GPL).

The most recent version is: ncdx 3.8.

The usage is very simple: ncdx netCDF-filename

ncdx is written in standard fortran-90, thus a fortran-90 compiler is required for installation of the software.
Since the input and output format is netCDF the fortran-90 version of the netCDF library (i.e., at least netCDF - Version 3.5.0) is required (make sure that the "netcdf.mod" file is available).
ncdx comprises the f2kcli command line interface.


  1. Unpack the source code:
    • uncompress ncdx.tar.Z
    • tar xvf ncdx.tar
  2. Goto the subdirectory:
    • cd ncdx
  3. Edit the "makeit" shell script according to your system requirements (e.g., path to netCDF library, etc.) and run it.

Any feedback is very much appreciated.

This page was last modified on 19 Feb 2010.


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