Prof. Dr. habil. Veronika Eyring

Head of Earth System Model Evaluation and Analysis Departement
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)
Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre (IPA)
82234 Wessling, Germany
Phone:    +49-8153-28-2533 

Email: Veronika Eyring


Chair of Climate Modelling
University of Bremen
Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP)
Otto-Hahn-Allee 1
28359 Bremen, Germany
Phone:  +49-421-218-62733

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ResearcherID: O-9999-2016



Universität Bremen

Curriculum Vitae


  • 2008                Habilitation in Environmental Physics at the University of Bremen, Germany 

  • 1999                PhD in Physics from the University of Bremen, Germany

  • 1994                Diploma in Physics from the University of Erlangen, Germany

Current positions and affiliations

  • Since 2018       Head of Department “Earth System Model Evaluation and Analysis”, DLR-IPA

  • Since 2017       W3 Professor and Chair of Climate Modelling, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany

  • Since 2017       Founder and Scientific Supervisor “Climate Informatics” Group, DLR Institute for Data Science, Jena, Germany          

  • Since 2013       Affiliate Scientist National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, USA

Previous positions, calls, and sabbaticals

  • 2000-2018        Research Scientist at DLR-IPA (Senior Scientist since 2009)

  • 2010-2017        Priv-Doz., Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich, Germany 

  • 2013-2016        Honorary Visiting Professor at University of Exeter, UK          

  • 04-05/2013       Visiting Scientist at NCAR, Boulder, CO, USA

  • 08-11/2011       Visiting Scientist at NCAR, Boulder, CO, USA

  • 2009-2012        Visiting Professor at the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

  • 2008-2010        Priv-Doz., Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen, Germany

  • 1995-1999        Research Scientist, Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen

Fellowships and awards

  • 2021                  Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize 2021

  • 2016-2020        Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher

  • 2019                  European Research Council (ERC) Synergy Grant "Understanding and Modelling the Earth System with Machine Learning"

  • 2015                  Top female researchers award, Professorship programme, Helmholtz-Society

  • 2009                  Senior Scientist nomination at DLR

  • 2008                  Dobson Award for Young Scientists granted by the International Ozone Commission

  • 2004-2010        Helmholtz Society Scholarship for Young Investigators Group            

  • 1991-1992        ERASMUS Scholarship to study Physics at the University of York, UK

Teaching activities (each course includes 14-16 individual lectures of 1.5 hours each and a final exam)

  • since 2018         Climate Modelling Part 2, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany (UBremen)

  • since 2017         Climate Modelling Part 1, UBremen

  • 2011- 2015       Introduction to Global Atmospheric Modelling, LMU, Munich, Germany

  • 2009-2010        Introduction to Global Atmospheric Modelling: Part 1 & 2 2009/2010, UBremen

  • 2005/2006        Tropospheric Chemistry, UBremen

  • 2005                 Molecular Physics, UBremen

  • 2004/2005        Climate and Chemistry, UBremen

  • 2004                 Introduction to Atmospheric Modelling, UBremen

Areas of Expertise:

Atmospheric science; Climate science; Earth system modelling and analysis; process-oriented evaluation of Earth system models; development of observationally-based performance metrics and diagnostics; understanding of systematic biases in climate models; exploring the value of weighting model projections based on their performance; emergent constraints; distillation of robust information from multi-model output; development of the Earth System Model Evaluation Tool (ESMValTool); understanding and modelling the Earth system with machine learning.

Previous: emission estimates for international shipping; assessment of the impact of international shipping on climate and atmospheric chemistry through models and observations; policy implications of shipping emissions and mitigation options.

Professional Activities:

Supervisor for Students and PostDocs:

(A) Currently supervising:

  1. Master students:
    1. Lukas Ruhe (UB, co-supervised by Prof Markus Reichstein) “ML algorithms for drought detection”, since 12/2019
  2. PhD students:
    1. Talytha Pereira (UB, co-supervised by Prof Pierre Gentine), “Machine learning-based constraints of climate feedbacks and projections”, since 04/2021

    2. Carolin Grumbach (UB, co-supervised by Prof Pierre Gentine) "ML-based parametrizations for climate models”, since 07/2020

    3. Julia Gottfriedsen (DLR & LMU, co-supervised by Prof Volker Tresp) "ML-based analysis of extreme events", since 06/2020

    4. Soufiane Karmouche (UB, co-supervised by Dr Junge Runge) “Causal model evaluation”, since 03/2020

    5. Aytaç Paçal, (DLR & UB, co-supervised by Prof Markus Reichstein) “ML-based analysis of extreme events”, since 03/2020

    6. Arndt Kaps (DLR & UB, co-supervised by Prof Gustau Camps-Valls) “ML-based cloud classification from satellite data”, since 02/2020

    7. Arthur Grundner (DLR & UB, co-supervised by Prof Pierre Gentine) “ML-based cloud parametrizations for ICON”, since 12/2019

    8. Kevin Debeire (DLR & Friedrich-Schiller-University (FSU) Jena, co-supervised by Dr Jakob Runge) “Development of causal discovery methods for climate model evaluation“, since 06/2019

    9. Gunnar Behrens (DLR & UB, co-supervised by Prof Pierre Gentine) “ML-based cloud parametrizations for climate models”, since 05/2019

    10. Xavier Andoni Tibau Alberdi (DLR-DW & FSU, co-supervised by Dr Jakob Runge) “Development of a machine learning approach to constrain Earth system feedbacks”, since 01/2018

    11. Manuel Schlund (DLR & UB) “Observationally-based constraints of climate feedbacks and projections”, since 10/2017

    12. Bettina Gier (UB) “Constraining carbon cycle feedbacks with satellite observations”, since 09/2017

  3. PostDocs
    1. Dr Evgenia Galytska (UB) “Causal model evaluation“, since 12/2019

    2. Dr Fernando Iglesias-Suarez (DLR) “Machine learning (ML)-based cloud parametrizations and ESMValTool development”´, since 12/2019

    3. Dr Sabrina Zechlau, previously Wenzel (DLR) “Emergent constraints for carbon cycle feedbacks“, since 02/2016

  4. Senior scientists in the Departement:
    1. Dr Lisa Bock (DLR) “CMIP model evaluation and ESMValTool development“, since 07/2016
    2. Dr. Birgit Hassler (DLR), since 09/2017
    3. Dr. Axel Lauer (DLR), since 01/2015
    4. Dr. Katja Weigel (UB), since 07/2018
  5. Research Software Engieers in the Departement:
    1. Dr. Remi Kazeroni (DLR), since 09/2020
    2. Breixo Solino Fernandez (DLR), since 20/2020

(B) Previous supervision:



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