CCM Validation Activity for SPARC


SPARC CCMVal Report Timeline


Timeline SPARC CCMVal Report

1 August 2007

Revised chapter outlines and updated co-author list sent to Steering Committee

15 September 2007

Chapter outlines finalized



15 July 2008

Updates on chapters (Zeroth Order Draft)

31 August 2008

Lead Author MEETING coupled to SPARC GA (31 Aug to 5 Sep 2008 in Bologna, Italy)



30 April 2009

First Order Draft for internal review

15 May 2009

Comments back

1-5 June 2009

CCMVal 2009 MEETING, University of Toronto, Canada

15 September 2009

Second Order Drafts from all chapters sent to Steering Committee

20 September 2009

Second Order Draft sent to reviewer

15 October 2009

Reviewer comments back

Oct-Nov 2009

Final review MEETING in Toledo,  Spain (HOTEL HESPERIA TOLEDO, see workshops website here). The meeting is by invitation only.

15 December 2009

Report revised



Jan-Mar 2010

Report published



Data Request Timeline

15 September 2007

Data requests from Lead Authors of all chapters sent to Steering Committee

until 31 November 2007

Iterate data request with CCM groups

31 November 2007

CCMVal-2 Data request finalized



New CCMVal Reference Scenarios Timeline

15 Sep 2007

First draft for new CCMVal reference scenarios

15 Sep-15 Oct 2007

Iterate CCMVal reference scenarios with CCM groups

15 October 2007

CCMVal-2 reference scenarios defined

31 March 2009

REF-B0 runs (time-slice under 2000 conditions), REF-B1/REF-B2 runs finished and output following the CCMVal-2 data request submitted to BADC

Last modified:  28 February 2009

by Veronika Eyring

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