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10. - 26. September 2007
Athens, Greece
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The registration fees include accommodation at the Acropol Hotel (double room to share with another student and breakfast), lunch (at days with lectures), the Joint dinner at September 13 and the excursions. Single rooms are available at additional 35 EUR/night. The fees do not cover transportation to and from Athens. At days with individual dinner plan with about 10EUR in a economic restaurant.

The Summer School is scheduled from 9 September 2007 (arrival) until 26 September 2007 (departure) for those who also will attend the Montreal Protocol Celebration. The Summer School ends at 23 September 2007 (departure) for those who do not attend the Montreal Protocol Celebration.

  with MP Celebration without MP Celebration
Full Support 340 EUR 280 EUR
Partial Support 1320 EUR 1150 EUR

Based on the CV and the letter of recommendation, the Selection Committee will select 40 students out of the registered candidates, who will receive Full Support by QUANTIFY, apart from the minimal fee mentioned above.

Further 20 students will have the chance to participate at higher fees (Partial Support). The Selection Committee will prepare a priority list of the students not selected for Full Funds.

After the selection procedure all students will be informed about the outcome. Then the students on Full Funds have to transfer the fees. Students on the list with partial funds have to declare wether they participate, and if yes, they also tranfer their fees. Potentially candidates, which are not successful in the first round, may replace somebody from the successful candidates who is not coming.

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