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Tropospheric Chemistry
Block Lecture, University of Bremen

Lecturer:        Veronika Eyring, DLR - Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, Phone: +49-8153-28-2533
E-mail:            Veronika Eyring
Tutor:             Klaus Franke, Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen, Germany, Phone: +49-421-218-8126
1st PART:      30 October 2005 - 4 November 2005, Room S3032
2nd PART:    
2-5 January 2006, Room S3032

Abstract:  This lecture is an introduction to tropospheric chemistry. You will learn about trace gases in the troposphere whose reactivity lead to a multifaceted (and multi-phase) chemistry, significantly more complicated than that of the stratosphere. We will focus on the major chemical reactions/cycles in the troposphere, make you familiar with the quantitative treatment of those, and introduce you to the different measurement techniques used for individual trace gases of importance. You will learn what we know about the creation of “summer smog”, and why ozone is such an important trace component. In addition the coupling between changes in the chemical
composition of the troposphere and climate will be addressed.

DOWNLOAD Lecture Script as pdf-file (16,1Mb)

Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Overview tropospheric chemistry
Lecture 3: Kinetics and photochemistry
Lecture 4: Kinetics and practical exercises with a kinetic model
Lecture 5: Sources and sinks: nitrogen compounds
Lecture 6: Sources and sinks: carbon containing compounds
Lecture 7: Sources and sinks: hydrogen compounds
Lecture 8: Carbon cycle
Lecture 9: Chemistry of nonmethane organic compounds in the troposphere
Practical exercises with the GEOS-CHEM model
Lecture 10: Sources and sinks: sulphur cycle
Lecture 11: Sources and sinks: halogen containing compounds
Lecture 12: The Role of Aerosols
Lecture 13: Climate Change and Global Warming
Lecture 14: Ozone – Climate Interaction
Lecture 15: Summary

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