IPY-THORPEX Campaign from February 25 - March 17 2008

The DLR Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre will be deploying the DLR Falcon 20 during the IPY-THORPEX Campaign.
The mission base will be Andenes, Norway.

During IPY-THORPEX we will perform airborne in-situ and remote-sensing observations of atmospheric wind, temperature and water vapor over the Norwegian and Barents Seas. Special focus is on Arctic fronts, polar lows and terrain-induced flow disturbances.

The DLR participitation in IPY-THORPEX continues the airborne targeted observations during ATReC 2003 and during the European THORPEX Regional Campaign (E-TREC 2007) which was part of the COPS field experiment in summer 2007. The same payload will be deployed during the upcoming THORPEX-Pacific Asian Regional Campaign (T-PARC) in late summer 2008.

Project partners:

Our mission place is somewhere behind those mountains .....

© Picture adapted from a photography taken by Nicole van Schayck.

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