Workshop Meteorological Panel

23 - 25 September 2011
Antalya, Turkey




Six years ago, September 2005, we had our Meteorological Panel Meeting for the first time in Turkey, Istanbul. Everybody who participated in that meeting will remember the unforgettable hospitality and support of our Turkish hosts. This event was a big success of friendship and international cooperation.

Now we had our second meeting in Turkey, Antalya. One cannot belief, but the organizers surpassed our high expectations again. It started with the lady who picked us up from the airport and welcomed us in our native language. Every participant from abroad enjoyed this service.

After less than one hour we arrived our 4+star hotel at the beach with conference rooms, swimming pools, bars ect., an excellent environment to be creative and also affordable.

Pick up at airport  Ambiente 

Many thanks to all the local people and helpers, especially to Prof. Dr. Zafer Aslan and Dr. Ahmet Tokgözlü, who prepared this excellent meeting.

When the meeting started, everybody was touched very quickly from the Mediterranean lifestyle, with music, gifts and amiable kind of welcoming.

Prof. Zafer Aslan, Ahmet Toközlü  Organization: Zafer, Director of Met. Service Antalya and Ahmet  Organization team  Organization: musician  Organization: musician 


Glider Flight School - Welcome   Presentation (3.1 MByte)
Welcome to the Meteorological Panel Workshop Hermann Trimmel Presentation (0.2 MByte)
Cloud Streets in Carpentaria Golf, North Australia Erland Lorenzen Presentation (0.5 MByte)
Meteorological Products for Aviation in Turkey Ibrahim Camalan Presentation (1.8 MByte)
Aviation Meteorology in Turkey Faruk Ipek Presentation (2.0 MByte)
Hermann Trimmel  Erland Lorenzen  Faruk Ipek  Faruk Ipek 
Visit of Hong Kong Airport Faruk Ipek Presentation (3.6 MByte)
Rule Based Aircraft Performance Systems Metin Zontul et al. Abstract (0.1 MByte)
Presentation (0.5 MByte)
An Invitation from the OSTIV Chief Editor Ward Hindman Presentation (0.4 MByte)
Talk (0.1 MByte)

Between the lectures the opportunity to continue old and close new friendships were used.


After a break Olivier Liechti, the winner of 2 OSTIV diplomas presented his new developments in 3 papers. Some lecturers could not participate personally, so Prof. Zafer Aslan presented on behalf of them their papers.

Daily variations of EVAPOtranspiration Olivier Liechti Abstract (0.1 MByte)
Presentation (0.3 MByte)
Seasonal Variations of EvapoTRANSPIRATION Olivier Liechti Abstract (0.1 MByte)
Presentation (0.8 MByte)
Predictions of Fog and Frost Olivier Liechti Abstract (0.1 MByte)
Presentation (0.8 MByte)
Economic Aspects of Weather Forecasts on Aviation Sport Activities Zelha Altinkaya Presentation (0.2 MByte)
Olivier Liechti  Zelha Altinkaya  Zafer Aslan  Zafer Aslan 
Change in Convection during 11 August 1999 Solar Eclipse Emine Ceren Kalafatoglu Öner et al. Abstract (0.1 MByte)
Presentation (0.5 MByte)
Radiosonde Observations of Gravity Waves over Istanbul Hakki Baltaci Abstract (0.1 MByte)
Presentation (0.3 MByte)
Statistical Analyses and Reliability of Instability Indexes Deniz Okcu et al. Abstract (0.1 MByte)
Presentation (0.5 MByte)
Radiosonde Observations of Gravity Waves over Istanbul A. Öztopal et al. Abstract (0.1 MByte)
Presentation (1.3 MByte)

But not only meteorological lessons were given, also a scientific one about safety and crashworthiness of glider cockpits was given by Dr. Tony Segal from Great Britain, a medical doctor. This subject was very interesting for our glider pilots in Turkey.

Survivable Loads on the Pilot and the Crashworthiness of Glider Cockpits Anthony Segal Abstract (0.1 MByte)
Tony Segal  Tony Segal 

At the end of this hard work with our brains we enjoyed to relax and to learn more about Turkish style of dancing



On the next day we had an excursion to the famous ancient Greek city "Side", which is nowadays the best-known classical site in Turkey.


So we have been in Turkey for the second time. It was a very motivating atmosphere and a another excellent opportunity to exchange our knowledge and experiences in meteorology and aviation.


At the end of the OSTIV Meteorological Panel Meeting some goals about meteorology and gliding in Turkey were discussed and recommendations agreed. See Recommendations


In this spirit I was lucky I could join this meeting with enthusiastic, warmly and very friendly people.

I thank everyone who assisted in the organization and participated in this meeting, which was initially the idea of Prof. Dr. Zafer Aslan.

Dr. Hermann TRIMMEL
Chairman, OSTIV Meteorological Panel

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