20 - 22 November 1998

Neresheim, Germany

During this weekend Bernd Goretzki, Thomas Hafner, Martin Hagen, Rene Heise, Wolf-Dieter Herold, Olivier Lichti, Carsten Lindemann, Erland Lorenzen, Jon Meis, Manfred Reinhardt and Hermann Trimmel met in the small town of Ohmenheim close to Neresheim and Aalen.

The following topics were discussed:

German version of the WMO Handbook

The aim is to translate and supplement the handbook. It should provide detailed information on the climatology and soaring conditions in Europe. The existing and already translated prelimnary version was discussed in detail. The first version will be ready in spring 1999. The handbook will be printed by the Deutscher Wetterdienst. It will be available for the World Gliding Championships in Bayreuth / Germany 1999. --> Details

WWW Presentation

The pages prepared by Jon Meis and Martin Hagen were approved. The installation of a newsgroup for all OSTIV related topics will be discussed in Bayreuth together with other OSTIV panels.

26th OSTIV Congress in Bayreuth

During the World Gliding Championships in Bayreuth the XXVI OSTIV Congress will take place. The MET Panel will meet 4 - 5 Aug. 1999. The scientific sessions will be 11 - 12 Aug. 1999 ( --> Details). It is planned to collect all flight-logger data for a later meteorological evaluation.

Mountain Wave Project

The common use of flight-data logger enables to study lee waves in more details. Wolf-Dieter Herold presented results from flights above the Rocky Mountains close to Boulder / Colorado. Rene Heise will collect flight data to evaluate a climatology of waves in the Alps. It is planned to collect flight data from all wave flights during the special observation period of the Mesoscale Alpine Project (MAP). --> Details

Archive of outstanding flights

Following an idea by Manfred Reinhardt, the former president of the OSTIV, flights within outstanding meteorological conditions should be collected into an archive. Rene Heise will develop a form for a unified catalogue. The results should be presented here (Rene Heise, Manfred Reinhardt).

Hermann Trimmel and Martin Hagen

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