Meteorological Training Seminar

12- 20 April 1997

Airfield Nötsch, Austria

For one week 17 meteorologists and soaring pilots from Austria, Germany and Switzerland met at Nötsch to exchange experience and to explore the atmosphere by gliders.

Again (as in 1996) the weather offered the possibility to reach altitudes of up to 6000 m in strong north föhn. The known positions of lee waves were updated and supplemented. Long distance flights were flown in almost perfect thermal conditions. Distances were up to 750 km.

Due to the good soaring conditions only short time was left for theoretical discussion. Special topics were the german version of the OSTIV/WMO "Handbook of meteorological forecasting for soaring flight", measurements of meteorological variables during flight and the optimal (graphical) presentation of weather information.

The daily briefing was supported by the pc_met system of the DWD (German Weather Service) and the ALPFOR forecast from Austrocontrol. Additionally, radio sondes were released.

Martin Hagen

The article in the Aerokurier 7/97 (in german).

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