Meteorological Training Seminar

10 - 17 April 1999

Airfield Nötsch, Austria

For one week 7 meteorologists and glider pilots from Austria and Germany met at the friendly Nötsch airfield to exchange experience and to explore the atmosphere by gliders.

Only the first day offered favourable soaring conditions. During the rest of the week the weather did not allow for flights. For a few days south-westerly flow was dominant. Good soaring conditions in the foehn flow were reported from the eastern and central part of the Alps. However in the Gail valley (Nötsch) drizzle and rain showers were dominant.

The improper weather conditions enabled the participants to discuss several topics:

OSTIV Congress

To increase the number of presentations the following should be considered:
Presentation by Pierre Eckhart on the forecasting of the circumnavigation of the globe by a balloon.
Long-distance flight by Klaus Ohlmann in Argentinia.
Long-distance flights in Europe and crossing of the baltic sea by Chris Rollings.
--> Details.


Possible new places for soaring expeditions were discussed:
Marocco; July or August 2000 at Quarzazate at the east side of the Atlas mountains.
Argentinia; not realistic for the participants. Contacts with K. Ohlmann.
Toblach / Italy; migth be of interest if supported by Italian army.

Meteorological Instrumentation

Additional data channels could be provided for Cambridge and Zander flight-data loggers. This would enable to record additional meteorological parameters like potential temperature.

Mesoscale Alpine Program (MAP) and OSTIV

Among other topics lee waves will be studied in detail during the MAP special observation period (7 Sept. 99 until 15 Nov. 99). Measurements with logger-equiped gliders can provide additional scientific measurements. A poster will be presented at the forthcoming scientific MAP-meeting in Appenzell. --> Details.

German version of the WMO/OSTIV handbook

This project was continued by Thomas Hafner. --> Details.

Hermann Trimmel and Martin Hagen

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